Sunday, February 25, 2018

Army Of Two (Xbox 360) Review

Army Of Two is a third-person shooter that was released on March 6th, 2008 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. It was developed by EA Montreal and published by EA. A sequel was released called Army Of Two: The 40th Day. Army Of Two was released for free in January 2018 with Xbox's Games With Gold program.

For the most part, Army Of Two is a conventional third-person shooter similar to Gears Of War. You play as a member of the US army with the job of hunting terrorists soon after September 11th. The game has a unique mechanic that I enjoyed a lot and is much more realistic than regular shooters. As you play you give commands to your partner which to me put this game above other similar games.

The game uses an aggro system that is similar to real combat. When either you or your partner start to shoot your aggro increases. When a player's aggro gets higher than the other player the enemies will start to attack that player. When this happens the other player can sneak around to kill the bad guys as their attention is on the player with the higher aggro. This system is not only more realistic than other games but I found it to be fun and more of a challenge.

In the corner of the screen is a window showing you what is happening to your partner. When either person takes too much damage they fall to the ground gravely wounded. The other player has a set amount of time to heal them before they die. You cannot heal your wounded partner while under fire so you may have to pull them behind a barrier usually while under fire. The wounded player is still able to fire their weapon hoping to draw enemies fire so the other player can move to safety to heal you. This setup, when combined with the aggro system, makes the game feel more realistic to games like Call Of Duty where you usually have to beat the whole game by yourself while your A.I. team runs around like The Three Stooges.

The gameplay is standard for a third-person shooter. When enemies die they sometimes leave ammo that you can pick up to reload your guns. When you are using common guns you can usually get ammo for them but Healing is also standard for these type of games when you take damage all you need to do is find some cover and you're health will refill on its own.

As you play you'll earn money by completing certain tasks during your missions. You can also find cases throughout the levels that contain more money. As you acquire money you can spend it on stronger armor, masks for your face, and weapons. Once you purchase a new weapon you can spend money to upgrade its abilities with new parts.

This game has six different missions, each having multiple parts to them. Most of the levels are in similar locations like other games where you hunt terrorists in the modern area. One of the levels has a section where you fight on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. This was my favorite level of the game as it was a more unique location than the others.

This game has middle of the road graphics compared to other third-person shooters for the Xbox 360. The cut scenes are a tad better looking than the in-game graphics.

My biggest gripe with Army Of Two is the ending. I won't give it away so all I'll say is that instead of fighting a battle to win the game concludes with a cut scene which was rather disappointing to me.

Overall I had a good time with Army Of Two. I enjoyed the aggro system which feels too me just about right to how combat would go in real life. The story was rather bland and I didn't try out any of the multiplayer but I thought the campaign was enjoyable enough for a play. If you like these types of shooters give it a try and it won't blow your mind but you should enjoy the game. I give Army Of Two a 6 out of 10.

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