Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Knuckleduster Miniatures Cowboy Faction Part 2 Painted

Here we go with the last three painted minis from Knuckleduster Miniatures Cowboy Faction set.

Tom McLaury

Billy Clanton

Ike Clanton
These three guys, along with Curly Bill Brocius, Frank McLaury, and Johnny Ringo, make up the Cowboy Faction Set which cost me 10 dollars new plus shipping. That's a great price for 6 quality miniatures.

I know I'm not the greatest painter but I will say they look a little better in real life than in these pictures. I didn't finish their bases as I'm going to use some yellow grass, which I currently don't have yet.

The complete Cowboy Faction painted.

These six guys, along with Wyatt Earp and family and Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hikock, and Bat Masterson, are just the beginning for some Six Gun Sound. I still need to get more miniatures and terrain built and painted but it's a start.

The Cowboy and Earp sets from Knuckleduster Miniatures are great minis that I have no problem recommending them if you want some Old West lead that's not bullets.

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