Monday, January 7, 2019

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan FASA Regula One Box Review

I always keep an eye on Ebay for any of the Fasa Star Trek miniatures and I the Regula One box set for pretty cheap. This box set was complete except for the Regula One space station model. I still want the station and will buy it at some point but I couldn't let this set go buy and won it and with shipping I paid less than 10 dollars for it.

The Regula One box set comes with the station itself, Dr. Carol Marcus, Dr. David Marcus, Jedda, two other project Genesis scientists, computer console, and the Genesis control. The two Marcus miniatures are different molds than the single miniatures that FASA use to sell like the group of miniatures I posted about before. There are two scientists that are standing and a sitting scientist that also comes with a separate chair for them to sit on. I don't know if the the Jedda miniature is one of the standing minis or the one sitting.

Once I finish painting the Enterprise crew that I'm working on as well as the USS Reliant with Khan and his crew, I'll get this box set painted up.

The only two box sets from FASA's Star Trek line is the USS Enterprise set and the Klingon set. If I get those two and the Regula One miniature I believe I'll have all of them, not counting all the regular ship miniatures that FASA also sold.

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