Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mega Construx Heroes Captain Picard Star Trek The Next Generation Series 1 Review

Here we have a Captain Picard action figure from Star Trek: The Next Generation as part of Series 1 of the Mega Construx Heroes line. He joins the Borg Drone from the same wave that I already reviewed.

Captain Picard is for ages 8+ and comes with 18 pieces including a base, phasor rifle, and a PADD. All of these Heroes that I've reviewed looked great probably because they were based on cartoon characters. I know that the Borg are based upon real actors in makeup but the Borg figure isn't a specific character so they could make changes for the overall figure. Because Picard is played by Patrick Stewart there have to be some compromises. The head sculpt for Man-At-Arms is great because he was based upon a cartoon character. Picard doesn't have a ton of facial detail and his Comm badge is way too big and is painted on but the worst is his limbs, to me they just look out of scale. I don't know if I'm explaining my issues with him well enough, he just looks not quite right.

While I'm not quite sold on his sculpt, I'm glad to have Captain Picard and I will continue to collect these Star Trek Heroes. In Series 2 they released a Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock figures. Data, also from Star Trek The Next Generation, was released in Series 3. Unfortunately that looks to be the last Star Trek Heroes to be released through Series 6.

If you like Star Trek The Next Generation or the Mega Construx Heroes line of figures I would say pick him up. I give Captain Picard a 6 out of 10.

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