Friday, September 27, 2019

Blog Update - Abbey Road Blues

I'll admit that it's been nearly a month since my last post but I've just been too busy with life but beginning with this post I hope to post more very soon.

If you're a fan of The Beatles, and I'm a huge one, then you'd know that The Beatles last album, Abbey Road, was released on September 26th, 1969 and today, September 27th, 2019, the 50th Anniversary Edition was released.

After releasing Sgt Peppers and The White Album 50th Anniversary's over the last two years I knew they would be doing the same for Abbey Road so when it was announced I went on Amazon and ordered it. I bought the two different releases, the main CD Super Deluxe edition which comes with the remastered album on CD as well as two extra Cd's containing demos, alternative takes, and remixes called Sessions. This set also comes with the album on Blu Ray audio as well as Dolby Atmos which is a first for a Beatles release. Finally, it comes with a 100-page hardcover book.

Three CD Set

The other release that I bought was the three-LP vinyl release. Unlike the previous releases mentioned above, Abbey Road is the first to have all the extra songs on vinyl. You can call me a hipster but I like to listen to records more than digital sources. Is one better than the other? I don't know if my ears can even tell the difference but looking over a large vinyl sleeve is much more fun than a CD case while listening to the music.

As with the other releases, the Super Deluxe LP version only comes with the music, no Blu Ray audio, Dolby Atmos, or the book. I wish they would make a version that comes with everything so I don't have to make two purchases each time but I know they do this purely for money and at this point in my life if they keep releasing these Deluxe versions of The Beatles albums then I'll continue purchasing them.

You're at this point thinking, "Why is he so sad on the day Abbey Road is released?" Well, let me take you back 10 years. September 9th, 2009 The Beatles remaster and released all of their albums as well as the great Beatles Rockband game. I went to my local Super Wal-Mart at midnight of the 9th looking to get the Beatles complete Mono album set and the big Beatles Rockband set which came with a set of drums and Paul McCartney's bass guitar controller. Big surprise that they didn't have the Mono box set but I did get Rockband and a new 5.1 surround sound system to play it on. I also picked up a regular CD copy of Abbey Road which was never mixed in Mono so it wasn't included in the box set I bought.

Three LP Set (Vinyl)

So I got home at about 12:30 and by 1:00 AM the stereo was set up and we were ready to play. I come from a larger than normal family and was able to get six family members, including myself on bass, to play the game. My mom did like playing some games as I've mentioned before but this was the only video game I ever played with her. I was on bass, I had one brother on guitar and another on drums. Along with my mom on vocals was my sister and my wife. The Beatles had some great songs with multi-part vocals which the three of them got to sing and was a new feature in Rockband. The Beatles songs aren't as hard to play as some other Rockband or Guitar Hero songs like Metallic, because of this we were able to complete the whole game in one sitting and we all had a lot of fun.

The next day I went to Amazon and the Beatles Mono Box set was sold out but fortunately, they got more in and that is how I got my set.

And now we return to today. I ordered both sets on August 17th which is more than a month before release. Both were in stock and I thought nothing more about it. When it got close to release day I saw that Amazon said they would both be delivered on the 27th, the day it was to be released. Last night, the 26th, Amazon said that both would be delivered by 8pm on the 27th. I wake up today to find that the 3 LP set will be in today by 8pm which sucks because when I purchased the last two sets they were delivered by my mailman during his regular shift meaning I'd get it by 1pm.

Here's the 3 CD set available to be delivered on Saturday.

Well, it's nearly 1pm now and the mail has already been delivered with no Abbey Road which means UPS is delivering it and they usually show up late between 7-8 but it's all OK because I will still get it on time. Unfortunately, the 3 CD version has been screwed up. It went from being delivered today to being delivered on Tuesday the 31st which is baffling to me. First off if I purchase the set right now Amazon said I'd get it tomorrow so why will my copy, which I purchased more than a month earlier, will take so long to get here? I know, I know, first world problems but I feel like they are screwing me. And if 3 LP set won't be in today or Saturday then why is it scheduled for Tuesday? There is no mail holiday on Monday so it should be delivered before Tuesday. 

Here is the 3 LP set I purchased that will be delivered on time on the 27th.

Ever since September 9th, 2009 I've purchased all of my music purchases through Amazon for a couple of reasons. First off, anything I've ordered was delivered the day of release which is nice. The second reason is that when you purchase music on vinyl from Amazon you can play it for free through Amazon music. Usually, that isn't a big selling point for me but I am currently listening to the new album on Amazon Music because that's all I have right now. Strangely it's only the album and not the two extra Sessions Cd's which should also be included. 

Here is my 3 CD set, you can see it says it was to be delivered today on the 27th but now listed as Tuesday the 31st.

I've been ordering from Amazon for nearly 20 years and this is the first time I've ever had a problem. I probably wouldn't be as mad as I am if within 12 hours it was listed as being delivered to being late by four days even though if I ordered it now I'd have it tomorrow.

Well, that's my Abbey Road rant. Thanks for making it all the way through and if you don't know much about The Beatles, give Abbey Road a listen, it's just one of the many great albums they released.

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