Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's Play Classic Traveller RPG Campaign Chapter 2

This is part 2 of my Classic Traveller RPG campaign. If you missed the first chapter of this adventure where we created the main character you can click here. I'm going to post this campaign in a more narrative structure than my regular miniature war game reports and see how it goes. In this campaign, I will be playing solo and using the Mythic Game Master Emulator as the GM as a test of it.

John Fleming steps off the transport ship to start his new life. He has spent the last 12 years in the Navy, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander but he is now out of the Navy and ready to begin the rest of his life.

John had spent his last term aboard ship with a man named Anthony Henderson and the two had become fast friends. They had both served three terms in the Navy and had decided together that it was time to leave. Both of them wanted to find a good ship and serve on it to make some money to eventually get a ship together.

On the ship that brought them here, they also met a man named Harry Hooper who had spent his last 24 years serving as a merchant but left to strike out on his own after he was approved for a bank loan to get his own free trader. He had come here to pick up his new ship which he had decided to name The Wrathful Angel.

During the trip, the three of them got to talking and with Harry needing a crew he decided to hire the pair, John would serve as the engineer and Anthony would serve as a general handyman and help John with his engineering duties.

They had also met a man named Coy Triplett on the ship. He was fresh out of the marines after only serving one term. He didn't have any skills that would help on a ship other than his skill with a blade and a gun but was eager so Harry agreed to let him come aboard for a while as a working passenger. Harry wouldn't pay him but he would be allowed to ride in exchange for labor.

Once off the transport, Harry said to meet back at the starport in two weeks so he would have enough time to get everything ready. Harry also mentioned to them that he would be meeting with a woman he knew named Elizabeth Bates who he had known for years. She would be a member of the crew serving as a gunner as well as helping out where she could.

"Now remember guys, meet me at The Wrathful Angel in two weeks time so we can begin making some money together," Harry said as they parted ways. John and Anthony set out with Coy in tow. Anthony and Coy decided their first stop should be to the closest bar, and one wasn't hard to find.

"Shouldn't we go and buy some supplies first, they could come in handy?" John asked the group. Despite them being real thirsty Anthony and Coy agree and it doesn't take them too long to find a place they could both buy supplies and weapons from.

"What can I get you gentlemen today," the man behind the counter asked them as they approached the counter.

"We need to pick up some supplies, especially some weapons," Anthony tells the man.

"Well we have everything you'll need and on this planet, you can equip yourself with any weapon smaller than a light machine gun."

The group looks around and is able to find everything they were looking for. John buys a respirator and filter mask, a short-range communicator, a magnetic compass, an expensive and computer at 1000 credits, and 4 torches. On the weapon side, he bought a dagger, some mesh armor, and a shotgun. Everything cost him 1544 credits leaving him 14456 credits. John decided that once he started work on the ship he could determine if he needed anything else.

The trio left the store and made their way to the bar they saw near the starport. The three of them found an empty table and ordered drinks. They had barely sat down before the bartender was back with their drinks.

"There you are, is there anything else I can do for you?" the bartender asked.

"Yeah, the three of us just made it planetside and are looking for work. Do you happen to know of anyone that needs something done, for pay?" John asked the bartender.

"Actually I do," the bartender told them. "He's always looking for good people. As a matter of fact, he's sitting in the corner over there."

We'll leave it there for today. Next time the group meets up with a patron and begin their first adventure together.

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