Thursday, July 9, 2015

Star Lord from Disney Infinity 2.0 Review

For my review of Disney Infinity you can click here here.

Star Lord is a member of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy and comes packed in the Guardians Of The Galaxy play set.

Fighting Abilities:

Star Lord has rocket boots that while don't allow him to fly but gives him bursts to launch him highter than regular characters can jump. He can throw punches as good as anyone but his best attack is with his 2 blasters. His special attack is his ability to drop a automated turret that shoots any enemies within it's range.


Star Lord is voiced by Chris Cox in this game.


Star Lord, like Gamora, can only be purchased as part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy play set which retails for $34.99 but can be purchased on Amazon for $21.95.

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