Saturday, September 10, 2016

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of my Xbox One Minecraft world. Today I'll be continuing working on my newest build.

If you're behind you can click here for Episode 8 or here for all the Episodes.

As in my last Episode, I've been working on my pyramid some more. As you can see in this picture I've begun on the base level of the pyramid.

I've left the area in the middle of the pyramid untouched as I work on the first few outside layers. On the opposite side of the pyramid from where I'm beginning I've not filled the base in yet because it's all water and from previous builds, I've found it a good idea to have some water to land on in case you fall.

After falling into the water the bad guys were after me before I could even surface.

As I need all the XP I can get for enchanting axes and shovels I can't afford to die and start over. I really like the change that's been put in allowing you to use Lapis Lazuli when enchanting which allows you to only lose 3 levels when enchanting at level 30. This has saved me a ton.

As you can see the creepers are all over the world and unfortunately they've succeeded in killing me. You can see above that I'd just been killed and these guys are working on killing me again. Now that I'm out of levels I can't enchant new tools so mining has been slow going.

When I had 30 levels I had been enchanting shovels which helps make mining dirt and sand quick but I'm now back to stone shovels which are slowing work down even more. Normally I don't waste my time making diamond shovels and then enchanting them but it really makes the work go faster.

When I work I usually kill any animals that get close to me, if only for the materials that they drop but I've decided to allow squads to go unharmed because I like watching them frolicking around in the water without a care in the world.

This pyramid is taking a vast amount of resources, I'll be adding at least two levels of dirt on the floor of the pyramid before putting in a sandstone floor. This will keep me from being killed by a creeper and all my inventory floating to the bottom of the sea. That happened to me and it took a lot of effort to get all my stuff back.

I've built a small shack in the corner of the pyramid where I started construction so I can sleep at night and have a place to store materials. I've also built some furnaces to cook meat that I gather and to cook cobblestone into the regular stone which gets me more materials for my roadway project and more importantly for the XP I need.

In the picture below you can see one of the corners of where the pyramid will be. I'll need to remove it to build the pyramid and the dirt and stone will be used in the construction. This pyramid is going to be huge.

Well, that's about it for this Episode, be sure to come back next time as my pyramid continues to grow!

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