Friday, September 2, 2016

Battlefield 1 Beta Review

Battlefield 1 is the newest edition of EA's popular Battlefield games. The game is scheduled to be released on October 21st, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and for Windows PCs.

When open Beta was announced for this game I jumped at the chance to try it out. I am a huge fan of World War 1 and have been waiting for this game for a long time. Not to call out the makers of Call Of Duty, who's games I've enjoyed over the years, but I am a little tired of future or space shooters that they've been releasing lately. EA took a big gamble by setting this game during the Great War but as we just passed the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme if there ever was a time this is it.

Lewis Gun

Veterans of previous Battlefield games will fit right at home with this game. Because it takes place during World War One you get to use weapons that you probably haven't been able to use in other shooters. Besides that it's pretty standard, the different games are available and you can play with up to 64 players in a match. There are four classes to choose from; Assault, Scout, Medic, and Support. I used either Support, which gives you the awesome Lewis gun and medic because I liked the semi auto rifle.

Gunner in a Mark V tank.

As you earn points and level up you receive war bonds, you can use them to buy new weapons which you have to unlock by gaining levels. Due to this game being in Beta some of the weapons aren't available yet and you cannot modify them. There are also machine guns and artillery pieces that you can mount and use. I loved shooting at planes in the sky.

Biplane hunting. 

Battlefield 1 also has armored vehicles, airplanes, and tanks for you to go to war in. You also ride a horse just like in Lawrence Of Arabia which was lots of fun. I was so excited when the I turned a corner and there was a Mark V shooting away at the enemy. I love the Mark IV and V and really made my day when I was able to get behind the wheel.

My first Mark V

I also was able to get some air miles in the planes available in the game. You can choose from a standard two-seater fighter plane as well as a bomber. I was in the back seat of a fighter and had to be careful to not shoot the tail like Indiana Jones' father did in The Last Crusade. When I was able to get behind the stick on a plane I had an easier time flying it than when I flew modern planes in Battlefield 4 but fear not, I was able to clip a large rocky outcropping that causes me to crash killing myself and my gunner.

Watch out Red Baron, I might crash into you
I've leveled up to rank 10 and as of now, I've had very little issues with Battlefield 1. While riding as a gunner in a tank the animation of my jacket acted a bit weird. Other than that I've had no major problem with this game. Hopefully, it will have a smoother launch then Battlefield 4.

Mark V in action just before an enemy took a flamethrower to it.

Fans of first person shooters, especially World War 2 shooter, should love this game. I'm already a big fan of the Battlefield series, including this game I've played five of them so I know their games pretty well. I love that EA took a risk with this one and from what I've seen it is going to be a great game. If you have any interest in this game I'd recommend you try it out before Beta ends as it's free. The game has only one map to play on but that works out well because as you play a few games you'll learn where everything is so you spend less time trying to find your way around and more time-fighting. I can't wait for this game to launch!!

Here comes the Calvary

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