Monday, October 30, 2017

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 20

Hello and welcome to Episode 20 of my Let's Play Minecraft on Xbox series. This episode is the last episode before the Minecraft 2.0 "Better Together " update. As always I'll be working on the "Great Pyramid" which gets closer to completion as each day goes by.

Here we are on my rail system facing the "Great Pyramid". I've been doing a lot of mining lately and running through my diamond supply repairing my pickaxes so because of this I rode the rails back to my home base hoping to find some diamonds hidden away.

Here we are at the bottom, you can see my base in the background. For the most part, I have enough of common supplies so I mainly come here to mine for diamonds and gold. Even though I've been working a lot underground I haven't caught the black lung.

I was pleasantly surprised that I found some diamonds pretty quickly. Usually, it will take me hours before I find anything. When using diamonds I usually work until I get into my last stack of them.

Since I hit pay dirt so quickly I jumped back on the rails and made my way back to the worksite.

Here is what the pyramid floor looks like at this point. I usually throw some sandstone slabs down each time I log into Minecraft so even if I'm mainly mining some work gets done to the pyramid.

Here is what still needs to be removed from the front of the pyramid. The water and trees will be harvested and the ground will be leveled to the same level as the rest of the pyramid which will be followed by the two levels of stone for the ground.

Here's what It looks like after all my work. I'm trying to level the ground in sections because it's easier when you work in a small spot and you feel like you're accomplishing something every time you finish each section.

Before I finish for this Episode I wanted to show you this sweet clay deposit I found. I've mentioned this before but in my first world, it took me forever to find any clay, and then it was only a couple of blocks so now when I find any I feel the same as I do when I find diamonds.


DAYS:     16     HOURS:     1 MINUTE:     23

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