Friday, March 2, 2018

Weird War Zed Custom Card Deck

Two Hour Wargames have just released their new card game called Weird War Zed. Santa hooked me up with some cash this Christmas so I decided that I hadn't bought anything from THW in some time and Weird War Zed looked interesting so 20 dollars later it was all mine.

I purchased the PDF version and made my way to the cards in the back of the document and began printing. As it was coming out of the printer I noticed that there wasn't much color. My color cartridge was just about dead and the first sheet I printed out on card stock was nearly colorless and looked pretty bad. I had two choices at this point, buy a new color cartridge, or continue printing the rest of cards and dealing with how they looked. I, of course, chose a third option, color them in all by myself. Adult coloring books are a thing now and my wife bought me some colored pencils and a few books for coloring. I decided it would be some great practice to color in the cards and it also would create a unique look for my Weird War Zed cards.

I wasn't planning on spending too much time colorizing these cards, what I basically did was grab a color that could be used to fill in much of the picture. For the buildings behind the characters, I used either a grey or a dark green color to color the buildings. I then colored in their uniforms and added a few bits of brown, black, and a few others to give the cards some highlights here and there.

Once I was finished coloring in each card I carefully cut them up into individual cards. I then took a sharpie and edged the corners the same way when constructing paper buildings.

The card on the right has had its edges blackened.

At this point, all that was needed was to do some touch ups and I was basically done. I'm very happy with how they came out. They look to me like The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine where some of the backgrounds were of pictures of real buildings that were then colored. The backgrounds in the movie looked great and I'm happy that these cards took on that look too.

Now that my deck is all set stay tuned for more from Two Hour Wargames Weird War Zed game.

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