Saturday, July 7, 2018

400 Posts!! Blog Update

I started this blog in February 2011 basically to keep track of my wargaming. I wrote up tutorials of things I built mainly so if I needed to make more barbed wire fences or hedgerows I would be able to look back how I did it without having to rely on my terrible memory. This blossomed into wargaming reports and then reviews of wargame rules, video games, and more recently toys.

I ran some quick numbers and by my math, I've been blogging for 88 months or around 2640 days. With 400 posts I've posted about .15 posts a day or 4.5 a month which makes me a little sad. Going forward I would like to bring those numbers up to at least a couple of posts a week but with me being as lazy as I am will see.

I was for a while regularly posting but when my mom was diagnosed with cancer I left my real job to help take care of her. Her Leukemia was very aggressive and I was taking her nearly daily to one of two different hospitals including Yale which was nearly three hours round trip when traffic on 95 was good, and it usually wasn't. Because taking care of her was my main job my wife had to pick up the slack which made money was tight last year so I wasn't buying games, models, etc. Also, I had little free time so last year was nearly a wash on wargaming.

My Mom
When my mom died this year I took it hard to say the least. I began working again and buried myself in it as a way to cope. While it been hard I feel a bit better and am turning my eye back to gaming, modeling, and the like. I even, just yesterday, bought an airbrush and I'm very excited about all the cool stuff I'll be able to do with it.

I've bought some new gaming rules, mostly from 2 Hour Wargames, and am currently building new terrain and miniatures for these games and I'd like to get playing as soon as possible so stay tuned for that.

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by my blog and those that have left comments, especially all the great spam comments I've been getting lately. I'm joking about the spam but I'm serious about all the real comments, good bad or otherwise keep them coming. Here's to the next 400 which I hope doesn't take me another 7 years.

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