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The Wolf Among Us (Xbox One) Review

The Wolf Among Us is a graphical adventure game by Telltale Games and was released in October 2013 and is available for Windows PCs, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS, and OS X. This game is based upon the Fables comic book series and is a prequel to that story.

In this world fairy tales are real and the characters from these stories can live in the normal world as long as their either look human, like Snow White, or they need to take a drug called glamour which makes them look human. This story takes place in Fabletown, a section of Manhattan where Fables live. This game is set in the year 1986 and takes place about 20 years before the comic books.

A smoking pig.
You play as Bigby Wolf, AKA The Big Bad Wolf, and you are the sheriff of Fabletown. As the story gets going you find a murdered girl and it is your job to find the killer. The game will offer you choices which have direct effects on the story in that great Telltale way.

Bigby Wolf
This game plays like any other Telltale Game and has five episodes to play through. To complete the game it took me 8 hours and 23 minutes which means the chapters took about one and a half hours each. It's a little short on length but let me assure you that when playing the game it seems to go too quickly.

For the most part, this playthrough went pretty well. I previously played this game on the Xbox 360 and I had nothing but problems. The biggest was near the end of the game when it suddenly changed all the on-screen text into Spanish. I'm not a Spanish speaker and while I do recognize, for the most part, what the characters were saying some of the time I just randomly guessed which is not how you want to play a Telltale game. I had one section of this playthrough freeze and the only way to fix it was to reload the last checkpoint. Other than that the only other issues were some of the speech didn't line up with the mouths talking which isn't the worst problem but does conform to most of the other Telltale games I've played.

This game is definitely for adults as it has some graphic violence and nudity with one of the locations you visit in the game is a strip club.

In this game you'll encounter many different characters from many different fables. Besides the stories I've already mentioned you'll encounter many more characters like The Little Mermaid, The Jersey Devil, Ichabod Crane, the Three Little Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, and many more.

Most Telltale games have a look to them where the locations and characters are not photo-realistic like your average major video game release like Red Dead Redemption 2 but this completely works in this setting. The characters look as if they walked right off the 2D artwork of the comics and into the 3D world of this game. The voice work is top notch and the music is pleasant and fits into this story without being overbearing.

One of the sad results of Telltale closing is that the sequel to this game has been canceled. It's too bad another company couldn't finish and release the game as I would have really liked to play it.

Snow White
The Wolf Among Us is a great game to play and if you've liked other games by Telltale then you should love this one. The story is great and has me now tracking down the comic books to continue the story. I know that Telltale's The Walking Dead is considered their best game, both with the story and popularity, but I have to say that this is my favorite game by them and one of my all-time favorite games of all time so I have to give The Wolf Among Us a 10 out of 10! If this game looks interesting to you I highly recommend you give it a chance.

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