Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wings Of Glory Duel Pack Review (Albatros D.VA vs Spad XIII)


Today I have for you a review of the second and last Duel Pack for Wings Of Glory WW1 by Ares Games. You can click here for my review of the Fokker Dr.1 vs Sopwith Camel Duel Pack.

This Duel Pack was originally released in 2012 by Ares Games after they relaunched the game after Nexus ended the original game Wings of War. This set, along with the Fokker vs Camel Duel Pack, was/is very popular and originally sold out pretty quickly. I remember finding it hard to track down for a decent price when I got my original Duel Pack. Ares has begun reprinting some of their out-of-print items for Wings Of Glory including both of these packs as well as the Game Mats, you can read my review of the City Mat here.

As I mentioned in my other Duel Pack review, these packs come with a pocket-sized rulebook that includes the basic and standard rules, an A and B maneuver deck for the planes included in this pack. It also has an A Damage Deck and six double-sided target cards. This deck also comes with two dashboards, two measuring rulers, and 40 counters to keep track of your plane's condition. And last but not least, this Duel Pack comes with two planes. 

The first plane is the German Albatros D.VA painted to look like the Jasta 5 plane of German Ace Paul Baumer. I'm a fan of both the paint scheme on this plane as well as the handling characteristics of the Albatros D.VA. 

Albatros D.VA

The other plane in this Duel Pack is the French-made Spad XIII. This particular plane is painted to represent the United States Air Service 27th Aero Squadron plane flown by American Ace Second Lieutenant Frank Luke Jr. I also like the way this one has been painted and I'm a fan of the speed of the Spad XIII.


If you are a fan of Wings Of Glory I highly suggest you pick this, as well as the Fokker vs Camel, Duel Packs while they are still available. These Duel Packs are a great value with everything you need to play the game including two fully painted and ready-to-play 1/144 scale planes. Even if you have the rules these Duel Packs are just worth it for the plane models alone. Not only are they cheap, at this point you can't buy two WOG planes under thirty dollars, but the planes themselves are excellent to have in a battle and if I access to all the planes produced by Ares Games these four would be high on my list of choices. 

As you can see on Amazon in the USA this Duel Pack lists at $28.11 while the Duel Pack with The Red Baron is $32.99. Both of these prices are good and as I've already said if you like this game or have any interest I highly recommend you pick these up before they are sold out again!

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