Friday, December 22, 2023

Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Movie Skeletor by Mattel Review


After an extended break, I bring you my review of Movie Skeletor as part of Mattel's Masters Of The Universe Masterverse toy line. This figure, along with He-Man, are the first two releases in the Masterverse toy line based upon the 1987 motion picture Masters Of The Universe.

Similar to my He-Man review I'll start out by stating the obvious, this figure is inferior to the Super7 Movie Skeletor. Unlike the He-Man figure I did find a few things I liked better on this figure so let's cover that first.

First off I like his face more on this figure. It could use some shading in the cracks and his face could have a more sinister look instead of the plain one this figure is rocking. His cape is cloth which I like more than the plastic cape the Super7 Skeletor comes with. Also, this figure has the medallion on the back that the Super 7 Skeletor is missing.

As for accessories, this Skeletor comes with a few. He has his ubiquitous Havok Staff as well as a his sword. Skeletor also comes with a cosmic key. Finally, he also comes with four total hands. Two hands are open to hold Skeletor's stuff. He also has a right-hand fist and an open left hand. While all these accessories are nice to have and look good, they just don't compare to the Super 7 Skeletor's accessories. Like his face, these need shading which would help their look a lot.

I mentioned this in my Super7 Skeletor review and I'll do it again, Skeletor shouldn't have any red on his clothes. In the movie, Skeletor was in all black. Over the years the black dye in this costume has faded and now is red. This Masterverse Skeletor has nearly as much red in this costume as he does black and it annoys me.

Skeletor comes with 30 points of articulation and he poses a little easier than the Super7 Skeletor since that Skeletor had more rubber clothes that were a bit restrictive. One thing that causes some issues is the rubber piece on his shoulders doesn't let his head move too much. The rubber part that covers his legs, which has all the squares on it, does restrict his leg movement just like his Super7 version.

One thing that is better about this Skeletor compared to his counterpart is my Skeletor doesn't have any paint slop. This probably has to do with him being much darker than He-Man but it's still a good thing. I don't know if other Skeletors have any paint slop but mine is clean.

Overall this Skeletor isn't a bad figure. I would be happier with him if he had no red on his clothes, if his paint had more shading, and while I like his face sculpt I think a meaner expression would have been an approvement. I think if this Masterverse Skeletor had those changes I would like him more than the Super7 version. I give this Skeletor an 8 out of 10!

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