Friday, August 28, 2015

World Of Tanks United States Cunningham T1 Review


The Cunningham T1 is an United States made tier 1 light tank. It is a very quick tank and my favorite when using tier 1 tanks. The armor on the tank is very weak and is probably it's biggest weakness.


The Cunningham T1 was only built as a prototype and was never used in battle. There were 6 different variants but the T1, the same one portrayed in World Of Tanks, only had 1 prototype constructed.


The stock gun for the T1 is pretty poor. The two best guns, the Browning semi automatic and the Hispano-Suiza Birgikt are the guns you want. The Browning is the stronger of the two guns damage is 30 compared to the 12 of the HSB but the rate of fire on the HSB is 72 a minute versus 28 a minute for the Browning so your choice is rounds per minute versus punch.


The Cunningham T1 is free so stock up!


The Cunningham T1 is a quick Tier 1 tank with pretty good firepower when upgraded but has some of the weakest Tier 1 armor. It's a great little tank and you should take it for a spin. 7 out of 10.

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