Sunday, August 23, 2015

World Of Tanks Video Game Review

World Of Tanks is a free to play multiplayer online game where you engage in tank on tank battles versus human players. The game was created by the company Wargaming and was released on the PC on 2010 in Russia and then was released in the North America and Europe on April 12, 2011. The game is also available on Xbox 360, Xbox One. A mobile version called World Of Tanks Blitz is available on Android and iOS devices.

In World Of Tanks you take command of a tank and fight against online players in battles set around World War 2. You can command tanks from the United States, England, France, Russia, Japan, China, and Germany. All the tanks in the game are real tanks used by these nations with a handful of prototype tanks available for use. The game plays with move of an arcade style than simulation which I think keeps the game fun to play. You can choose between a number of different styles of tank including light, medium, heavy, tank destroyer and artillery.

The tanks you control will earn you experience points for both the tank itself as well as the commander. The tank XP is used to upgrade systems on your tank (faster engines, larger guns, etc.). Commander XP allows you to upgrade skills and perks for the commanders (faster weapon loading, faster repairs, etc.).

Each battle that you score hits, spot enemies for your team, knock out tanks etc. gets you experience as well as silver that is used to pay for the upgrades. You need to earn enough XP to unlock specific upgrades for your tank and then you have to have enough silver to pay for them. The game also has equipment that you can purchase for your tanks. There are items that you pay for once and that stay with the tank such as a camouflage net that gives your tank a 25% bonus to its detection level while stationary . There are also one time use consumables such as Lend-Lease Oil that allows your Russian tanks to drive faster for the match or health packs to patch up a crew member that was injured allowing him to continue his job which keeps your tank performing at optimum fighting level. After each battle you also need to pay to restock your tank with ammo, this is done automatically. You can also spend extra silver to buy stronger weapons like armor piercing rounds.

The game is completely free to play but it does allow you to spend real money to make the game easier. In the game you pay for gold with real money that can only be used for certain things. You n use money to upgrade to a premium account which gives you 50% more silver and XP for each battle. You can also use the gold to convert XP from one tank to another as well as purchasing special tanks. An example is when the movie Fury came out you could buy a replica of the tank in that movie that had better abilities than a standard Sherman tank.

The game gets new updates a couple times a year which introduces new nations to play as, new tanks to command and new features. The updates can be a bit big so while you wait you can play a mini game with 10 levels of action. Once a portion of the files are downloaded you can play with tier 1 tanks with the rest of the tanks playable once the full download is complete. It's a nice option that allows you to do something instead of watching the game download. In it's last update World Of Tanks now has a proving grounds section that allows you to play against computer opponents, for less XP and silver than live opponents, to allow you to practice without looking like an idiot. These are all nice additions to the game and it keeps you coming back to play more.

Overall I enjoy this game very much and have been playing it on and off on the Xbox since it came out. If you're a World War 2 or tank buff you may enjoy the game. If you're an arcade style war game player you'll definitely like it. This game plays very much like a video game version of Flames Of War. If it seems at all interesting to you then you have nothing to lose trying it out since it's free. I give World Of Tanks an 8 out of 10.

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