Saturday, April 22, 2017

Goodwill Gold Episode 1

Welcome to my first Episode of Goodwill Gold. In these posts, I'll be listing things that I think are cool that I bought from Goodwill.

I try to go to Goodwill at least once a week and anytime I find anything game released, or anything else I find cool, I'm going to type up what I got. Even though I live in a smaller town I've already found some great stuff for even better prices.

Every once in a while my wife would get the idea to hit up a thrift store to see what she can find. She's dragged me a few times but looking at a bunch of old clothes doesn't give me the vapors like it does for her. Since I pretty much just follow her around the store I only saw the clothing and didn't know they had other stuff for sale, honestly, I just didn't care to look and was in their just to keep my wife happy. Also at least once a year we donate a bunch of clothes which furthered my thinking that they only do clothes.

We'll skip ahead to a few weeks ago and she wanted to head down to the closest Goodwill in our area and I said I'd tag along. Before we got there I had decided I wasn't going to watch her as she looks through all the clothing so when we got there I set off to the unknown and the first thing I noticed was a pretty large book section. If you dig you'll find good books from all different categories. From now on I'll always check out the book section because I always need something new to read.

I have all the A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones books but they were Kindle versions and honestly, I'd rather read from books so when I found the first book for $1.50 and it's nearly new.

After the books, I found the electronics section and in the future, I'll be going to Goodwill and starting there. I went looking for all the different treasures for sale and I struck gold. On the bottom shelf in the middle of a bunch of junk, I found a complete RCA VHS camcorder. When I was a kid my parents bought a camcorder which I thought was the greatest but they said I was too young to use it. Eventually, I convinced them to let me use it to make my own movies and from then on I was in the picture business.

The first thing that drew me to the camcorder was this great big case it came in. Now normally when I see a case I'll open it up to find it empty and this time I liked the case so much I probably would have bought it just for the case but when I opened it up the camcorder was there. The only thing it was missing was the charging cord which my brother said he thinks he has something that will work for it instead.

I was going round and round about buying it because do I really have a need for a 30-year-old camcorder that I don't even know if it works. They were asking $9.99 so I was about to pull the trigger when I discovered that it was half off so my choice was made.

When I got it home I found that the battery was toasted and a complete charge would only give me about four minutes. The microphone is missing it's foam covering but it works fine. I hooked it up to the TV and the picture was not great but I'm sure I can make it better if I had more than four minutes to work on it. Honestly, I didn't think it would work at all so I was happy with what I got. If I can get the power taken care of and then the video I think I'll buy some tapes for it. This one uses a VHS-C which isn't one I ever used mine as a kid used regular VHS tapes. They look to cost around five dollars and up for one but one thing at a time.


Thanks for reading and if you stick around next time I just may have some game finds!

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