Friday, June 9, 2017

Knuckleduster Miniatures Wyatt Earp and Brothers Painted

As I march on building new old west terrain I also needed some miniatures to populate it. There are plenty of different manufacturers that sell old west minis and I decided to go with Knuckleduster Miniatures for my first batch. I picked them because they are well made but also because the two sets are modeled right off the movie Tombstone which is a movie I've always liked. I ordered up two different sets, the Legends set which has the three Earp brothers in it as well as Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok, and Bat Masterson and a bad guy set.

Here you can see Wyatt Earp. I zoomed in as much as I could to try and show you what happened to these miniatures. I've read about this before but in all the time I've spent painting it hadn't for me. When applying gloss and matte varnish it became cloudy and ruined the paint job. In this picture, you can see it best on his face. I'll admit I wasn't too happy with this turnout but he'll still get the job done on the table.

Here is Morgan Earp and here you can barely see any of the clouding. I had a heck of a time trying to capture it. 

And lastly, we have Virgil Earp who again doesn't look as bad as he does in real life.

As far as Knuckleduster Miniatures go I am very happy with both the purchase price, 15 dollars for 6 28mm miniatures, and with the quality. They look very good in real life and if you can find a picture of a professionally painted mini you'll see what I mean. Stick around for the last three guys from this pack and then the bad guys.

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