Monday, August 6, 2018

Assault Android Cactus (Xbox One) Review

Assault Android Cactus is a twin-stick shooter developed and published by Witch Beam and was released for Windows PCs in 2015, PlayStation 4 in 2016, and Xbox One in 2017. In July 2018 this game was available for free from Xbox Games With Gold program.

Assault Android Cactus is a standard twin-stick shoot 'em up where you play as one of nine different android space police officers who have crashed into a spaceship named Genki Star. You'll guide your android through five different levels with each having five mini-stages in between. You'll fight waves of bosses to the fifth level where you'll battle a boss.

The game does not have a traditional leveling up system in place, instead after you complete each level you'll unlock a new android that has a new and more powerful weapon. Each android has a primary weapon like an assault rifle, shotgun, laser gun, etc. and a secondary weapon that is a more powerful attack that takes time to reuse.

As you play through each level you'll take damage that drains your battery (your life bar) and you'll need to kill enough bad guys who will drop a green battery charge which will refill your battery. Bad guys will also drop one of three different colored power-ups. Yellow makes you move fast, blue freezes enemies near you and red which gives you upgraded firepower. If a powerup you don't want drops you can wait a few seconds as they continuously change from one to another. I found, at least for me, that the red powerup was the best.

Once you complete the game, which isn't too hard or too long, there are three other game modes that you can play including a tower defense mode, daily challenge mode, and of course a boss rush mode.

Overall this isn't a bad game, it's just a little generic. I enjoyed playing the campaign and there are some to play after that will extend the game's runtime. If you like twin-stick shooters I say give it a try. I give Assault Android Cactus a 6 out of 10.

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