Saturday, August 4, 2018

Battlefield 1 Frontline Pack

Poking around a local Gamestop I came across this Frontline Pack for Battlefield 1 by EA Games. Normally I don't really go in for stuff like this, I did buy the Hardcore edition of Call Of Duty Black Ops because it came with a medal, but this was only 5 bucks so I said what the hell.
Inside this "Frontline Pack" is a number of items. Included are a pack of 6 pins with logos of the different classes on them.

You also get a unique dog tag, both a real tag and a digital one to collect in Battlefield 1. This to me was the best item in the lot but I was unimpressed because it feels like cheap plastic instead of a metal dog tag.

Inside you also get a keychain with what looks like a gear on it. I'm sure it represents something within the game but I couldn't remember what it was for.

And finally, you get a black knit hat that has the different class emblems in white on it. This hat is probably the best thing in the pack as it doesn't feel too cheap, also my head gets cold in the winter so it has some functionality to it beyond the video game.

If you like items that have to deal with Battlefield 1 I say pick it up. If you want a decent hat for the winter for 5 bucks I say go for it. As far as in-game the only thing you can use is the digital dog tags so if you can find some use for any of the items in this kit I say go for it, for the rest I would say this Frontline Pack can be passed over.

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