Thursday, August 1, 2019

Nano Metalfigs Gizmoduck DS21 Miniature Figure Review

Blathering Blatherskite!

Today I bring you a review of one of my favorite characters from Disney's Duck Tales, Gizmoduck. In Duckberg his name is Fenton Crackshell, a mild-mannered accountant who works for Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge decided he needed a superhero to guard his Money Bin so he had the Gizmosuit built and hired Crackshell to don the suit and become the Duckberg hero Gizmoduck.

Of all the miniatures I've purchased from Nano Gizmoduck is one of the best sculpts and the paint job is really good, for a miniature that costs a dollar. I can say that he is my favorite Nano miniature that I've bought so far.

An interesting fact about Gizmoduck is that he was originally named Roboduck because Gizmoduck was modeled after Robocop which is one of my favorite movies which could explain why I Like Gizmoduck.

I already have Scrooge McDuck and Gizmoduck completes all of the Duck Tales miniatures, at least so far. I would like them to continue the line as there are a bunch of great characters that should be released like Launchpad, Donald and his nephews, Webby, and let's not forget all the bad guys like the Beagle Boys.

As I say with all these Nano Metalfigs if you like what you see then buy them, in 2019 a dollar for any miniature is a steal. If all the miniatures I've purchased of the last twenty years only cost me a dollar and were already painted, I would have saved a fortune. If you see him in the stores pick him up, unless you don't like Duck Tales but who doesn't like Duck Tales?!!

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