Tuesday, June 2, 2020

FASA Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan Klingon Crew Box Review

For less than 20 dollars shipped I got my hands on a FASA Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan Klingon Crew miniature box. With this set, I'm only missing one more box set from the series, the Enterprise Bridge Crew.

I like this artwork.

As I mentioned before the Klingon soldier miniatures are pretty easy to get brand new for 15 dollars or less shipped each but this box set comes with 8 soldiers including one officer so, in the end, I paid around 2.50 dollars each which isn't too bad.

I have to say I like these miniatures and like the others I've already purchased the only problem I have with them is they are out of scale with everything I play with now so unfortunately I will probably have to use these miniatures by themselves.

A Motley Crew

The only thing that was missing from this set is the Klingon D7 ship which is a shame because you can always use another ship plus I don't have a FASA D7 yet so I will have to track one down eventually. The ship is gone but this set did come with the ship's engine nacelles and its stand which is better than nothing.

The Klingon on the left has the worst bending problems.

I've had problems with these miniatures in a similar way to all the problems I've had trying while trying to make the metal of my USS Reliant bend the right way without breaking. Some of the weapons have bent over the years and it's very delicate work to correct this error without breaking that piece off from the whole.

At this point, unless I'm completely mistaking, I have at least one copy of each character released. I believe that there are two copies of the Enterprise Bride Crew and I only have the ones that were originally sold loose. I don't need to pick up the alternates but I probably will in the end so I can get the Enterprise box set.

Despite the world ending and having more time on my hands, I have too many miniatures that need painting so who knows when I'll get to these guys. Just this year alone I've bought probably around 50 miniatures to paint, and I paint slow, not counting all the miniatures I've purchased in the previous years that haven't been painted yet. It's no wonder that I've been getting into Heroclix more and more lately. Stay tuned for a future post when I have these guys painted up and ready to battle with.

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