Tuesday, December 15, 2015

General Chaos Review

General Chaos is a war game that was developed by Game Refugee Inc. and published by Electronic Arts in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. When we were kids my brother and I loved renting this game and eventually he bought it so I got to play this game a lot over the years.


The game is a war game simulator pitting two sides against each other, the Blue team lead by General Chaos and the Red Team lead by General Havoc. The game has two modes of play available, a one off game or a campaign. Both modes can be played either solo against the computer, two players on the each team or two players against each other.

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In the one off games the object is to destroy the other teams fighters. In the campaign the two teams battle each other with a goal of capturing the others capitol by killing all the opposing soldiers before they kill your men. Before each game begins you pick how to equip your team. You have a total of four different choices, three different groups of five fighters or a squad of two commandos. When you pick from the three teams of five fighters you direct them on what to do and they will obey your orders. When you pick the commandos you tell one of them what to do and you have direct control over. I typically play with the two commandos because it gives me more freedom and control.

When the battle begins your main object is to kill your enemy to take that town but there are different pieces of terrain to use as cover. When your man and an enemy solider get close enough they will engage in melee fight. The loser is down and you'll need to send your medic to revive him. They can only be revived a couple times before the medic can no longer help them and they die.


In General Chaos there are a total of five classes of soldiers. The first is the gunner who has a machine gun and is the most average soldier, not great but not terrible. The second kind of soldiers is the Launcher that is equipped with a missile launcher that while slow is a powerful weapon. The third class is the Chucker who throws grenades, probably one of the worst soldiers as grenades are slow to throw and are easy to avoid. The fourth soldier is the Scorcher who uses a flamethrower. This is my favorite soldier because flamethrowers are cool and because in this game they are pretty bad ass. The last type of soldier is the Blaster who throws bundles of TNT. He is worse than the Chucker because the TNT's rate of fire is slow and doesn't have much range but when it goes off it's pretty devastating.


General Chaos has a cartoon look for the characters and background that I think is a perfect fit. I always liked the way it looked and I think it's held up well. The music that plays between the battles is nice and I still can remember it to this day. The sound effects all sound good and help to make General Chaos a good game.

When there is a lot of sprites on the screen there can be some slowdown, nothing major but it does happen.


General Chaos is a great game and a lot of fun. I don't know how well known it is today but my friend came over one day and saw that I had it, he had it as a kid as well, and we fired it up and played through the campaign. It's not a big game and can be completed within a few hours. I give General Chaos a 7 out of 10.

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