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Adam Wolfe (mobile) Review

Adam Wolfe is a "hidden object" game from Mad Head Games. The game was originally released on Steam and has now been ported to mobile devices. This game is billed as a hidden object game which can be fun but I usually get bored with them pretty quickly. Thankfully Adam Wolfe is much more than just a hidden object game but does that make it a good game?

*I was approached by Mad Head Games and asked to do a review of Adam Wolfe. I was provided a free copy of the game but I wasn't paid for my review nor did they ask me to change anything.

**This review is spoiler-free.

Let's start off on the right foot

Now that that's out of the way lets get into the game. You are Adam Wolfe, a former police officer and a current private detective on supernatural cases. Your sister recently disappeared and Adam's main goal at this point is to find his sister safe. Whenever a case comes his way that may have something to do with his sister's disappearance he does what he can to solve it. The game is broken down into four Episodes which basically means four cases for you to solve. Each episode took me a little over two hours to complete so the whole game will run you eight to ten hours.

A classic Mustang and a motorcycle, this guy is pretty badass.

When playing the game you'll be in a first person mode and all the tools you'll need are around the screen. On the bottom left is a gun, watch, and eye. It's obvious what the gun does. The watch and closed eye that says guide under it allows you to see things at crime scenes.

On the right, you have a map with the locations you can go to on it, a cell phone, a light bulb, and a back button. The phone can work as a light and can be used to call the police. When you get stuck and aren't sure what to do click on the light bulb and it will show you what to interact with next. You can click it a few times before it needs to recharge which doesn't take too long.

On the top left is a bar that gradually fills. Once it fills you can use it to skip a puzzle that you are having a hard time with. Use it sparingly because it takes a while to fill up.

This guy's a cutter.
The game bills itself as a hidden object game but I found it to be more like a 90s adventure game like Police Quest combined with Deja Vu. When you start your case you'll have to search for clues which for the most part was pretty easy. If you get stuck you can skip by as I mentioned above. The game also has puzzles to solve which are also pretty easy and shouldn't give you too much trouble. I like these as they help break up the game so no one part lasts too long which can make a game boring.

Overall the gameplay is enjoyable but easy. That would probably my only gripe but of course, if it was harder I would complain about it. The thing is that the story keeps me completely entertained and there are some plot twists that I didn't see coming which I enjoyed. The story had some truly memorable parts like the time you end up in a card game with death. You don't see that every day.

The graphics and the sound are top-notch and more on par with a TV show or movie than a mobile game. Things in the background move and it's little things like this that help to make Adam Wolfe like the real world.

The game has many quick-time events that you'll need to complete to advance to the next section of the plot. This includes shooting your gun at bad guys and riding on your motorcycle. I really didn't see this coming and is why I would bunch this game in with Police Quest and Deja Vu instead of hidden object games.

This even looks like the VGA remake of Police Quest 1.
If you do find yourself having trouble on where to go next you can download from the app store by Mad Head Games for free. It's great if you get stuck and don't feel like waiting all day to continue while you try to figure out what you've done wrong. Also if you're more interested in the story than the gameplay you could use it to help get to the good parts faster.

The only drawback for me is the price. If the cost doesn't matter to you then skip ahead. I'm cheap and if I pay real money for a game it's 99 out of 100 times going to be for a game on one of my many consoles. As far as iOS games go I don't think I've spent over five dollars in around eight years. Each episode of Adam Wolfe costs $3.99 and all four cost $11.99 which I'll admit since I've bought $60 triple-A games with less running length. If you're curious about the game but don't want to fork out money blindly you can download the first part of Episode 1 for free.

In the end, I was surprised by Adam Wolfe, I went in thinking that I'd just be searching one screen at a time looking for stuff and instead I got a very enjoyable game to play on my iPhone. It would be a disservice to call this an ordinary hidden object game. If any of this sounds interesting to you I recommend you give it a try. I rate Adam Wolfe an 8 out of 10.

You can click here to find Adam Wolfe on Steam.

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