Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 14

Hello and welcome to Episode 14 of my Minecraft build on the Xbox One. Today I'll be showing you a bit of a new build I started.

Click here if you missed Episode 13 of my Minecraft build.

Before we begin I just wanted to show you what happened to me when I loaded Minecraft the other day.

That's never happened to me before in any game on the Xbox One and it hasn't since. I just thought it was weird.

Now back to Minecraft, last time I mentioned that I needed more materials and I was working on that. This is mostly what I've been doing right now but that in and of itself part of a new build. I started to just build down from where my main base and I've got it pretty far down.

I started just digging down and before I knew it I had a very large pit. Now that it's so big I'm thinking of doing something with this space. I have an idea or two but if you can think of something let me know.

While I did do a lot of mining in my new pit I also worked in my regular spot. Last time I found some diamonds which is great because they go faster than anything else, probably because they are very rare. This time I was able to find some gold which is good for building powered mine tracks. Besides using it to build with there isn't much use for gold in a survival world. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the gold but I would have liked to find more diamonds even more.

The rest of the time I spend mining cobblestone while trying to avoid creepers and lava. I did take a lava bath this round but because I had a water bucket I was able to save myself. Dying in lava sucks but it's not because of the XP I'd lose but because I'd lose all my gear.

Well, that's all for today, next time we'll be heading back to the pyramid for more work on it.

To read next weeks adventure, click here for Episode 15.



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