Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 17

Hello and welcome to Episode 16 of my Let's Play Minecraft on Xbox series. Today work continues on the "great pyramid" and with every block I move it becomes evident that this build is going to be much more work than I originally thought.

If you want to catch up with last week's Episode, please click here for Episode 16.

Here is the pyramid as I begin today.
After all this work I have the two dirt block floor completed! Now that I've finished that, I move on to the sandstone half blocks to line to floor of the pyramid. The reason for this is to keep mobs from spawning. I've built five smaller but similar pyramids before this one and I know how important it is to stop the mobs on the inside.

You can see that there is just a small area of dirt that I need to finish before working on the sandstone floor. Just like everything in this build I underestimated the amount of sandstone I'd need. It took about a whole Minecraft day for me to go through the half slab sandstone blocks and the floor isn't even half way done. 

As I was laying down the slabs I accidentally hit a horse which made if very angry with me.

My side project for this Episode is flattening out the ground around the pyramid. This went from a side project to my main one after going through so many blocks. Because of the location, I am able to gather some sandstone and sand as I tear apart the ground in the front.

As you can see I'm nearly half done on the front side. I've laid two stone block in front of the pyramid all the way to the railway. With all the work I do to earn XP by putting cobblestone in the furnace, I have an abundance of stone so I'm using it everywhere that I can.

Well that's it for today. I didn't get a lot done but I did finish the pyramids floor which felt like an achievement to me. Here is a shot of the pyramid as it stands now.


DAYS:    15     HOURS:   7     MINUTES:    21

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