Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mega Construx Pro Builders Skeletor Action Figure from Masters Of The Universe Review

Something fishy is going on with the Mega Construx Heroes line. Apparently, it has been rebranded as Mega Construx Pro Builders and they have re-released some of the original Heroes releases under this new name. The first five released in this new Pro Builders series are Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Stratos, Moss Man, and Prince Adam. This is good because I needed all of these figures minus Skeletor. I wasn't going to pick up this Skeletor but he's different from the original release so today we have my review of the new Mega Construx Pro Builders Skeletor.

The biggest change with the Pro Builders Skeletor is his color. The original release of Skeletor had has skin color a light blue color with purple clothing and a yellow face with some green highlights. The new Skeletor is a darker blue and purple with a new yellow for his face with all the green gone. Also, his Havoc Staff is a light purple, almost pink, with a very light blue ram's head on the top. The only other change is the bases that come with the figures use to be three-piece whereas Pro Builder's bases are one piece, the base's design has also been changed a bit.

Original Skeletor on the right.

In every other way, Skeletor is the same including the included detail on Skeletor and Havok Staff. Overall I like the new color of Skeletor but I don't like the new color of his Havoc Staff. If I was to make a perfect Skeletor, for me, I would use the Pro Builder Skeletor body and base with the original Havoc Staff.

Overall I'm ok with this new release. I know it's only a color swap but I like his new look better and I'm also glad that they didn't go crazy with weird colors like they did with "Pimp" Skeletor paint job variant Mattel released for the 200x MOTU toy line.

200X "Pimp" Skeletor Variant

So do I think you should get this new Pro Builder's Skeletor? Well, that depends, if you're a collector then of course yes. If you wanted a Skeletor and don't have one then again yes. If you're a casual collector who already has a Skeletor then unless you like the new look then probably not. Since he is easy to get, has a nice looking paint job, and only costs 5 bucks I would have to give this version of Skeletor a 7 out of 10.

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