Saturday, March 14, 2020

NECA TMNT Foot Soldier (Bladed Weapon) 7 Inch 1990 Movie Action Figure Review

NECA has been releasing action figures based on the 1990 live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie for the past few years. First, they released 1/4 scale figures of the four turtles, I've reviewed Donatello here. They also released 1/4 figures of Shredder, Splinter, and two foot soldiers (Bladed and Melee Weapons versions.) All of these 1/4 scale figures are excellent and the only reason I haven't bought more of them, besides the size and price, is that they were later released in 7-inch scale. The only problem was that NECA wasn't allowed to make 7-inch scale figures, because Playmates have those rights, so NECA was able to release the 1/4 scale figures scaled down to 7 inches if they were exclusives for Gamestop.

Last year Gamestop released the four turtles in 7-inch scale and you can read those reviews here for Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. Well, Gamestop has released its second wave of action figures from the 1990 live-action movie in 7-inch scale. Today is a review of the Bladed Weapons Foot Soldier.

Like all the other releases in this series, this Foot Soldier looks wonderful. NECA continues to knock these figures out of the park in the looks department. You pose this figure and it could easily be confused for a shot from the movie.

NECA really does great work getting these guys to be screen accurate while keeping the joints either hidden or camouflaged well. These foot soldiers are hard plastic but the clothing looks very realistic but they also included other materials to help make the whole package work. The tails of the headband, the knot on the front of the clothing, and the armor on the arms are rubber making them flexible but still look right. Finally, this Foot Soldier has a black cloth belt that can be used to hold weapons like the sais on the pictures on the box.

This Foot Solider comes with 30 points of articulation including a ball joint for the head and a neck joint, ball joint in the shoulders, double joint in the elbows, wrist, waist, hip on each side, double knees, and ankle joints. They have pretty good flexibility, definitely better than the turtles who have big shells to deal with.

This second wave is packaged in the same packaging that the first wave was released in as well as the same packaging the 1/4 scale figures have which is based upon the look of the VHS release of the movie. As far as accessories go this guy is loaded. First off he comes with a second bandana piece like the turtles had with their face masks. He also has a big ax, the kind used to chop up the floor of April's apartment. He also comes with a pair of sais that is similar to Raphael's but his were taped up and the foot's are plain. He also comes one katana blade, similar but different to Leonardo's katanas.

Finally, this Foot Soldier comes with a total of three pairs of hands including a gripping pair, a pair with the fingers splayed, and a pair in fists. The splayed fingers pair is ok, they can be used to make so weird poses. The fists are fists and are always good. The gripping hands are a mixed bag. They hold the ax and sword just fine. Unfortunately, the sais are too thin and can be placed inside the grip but it isn't tight at all and will fall out with the lightest of breezes.

This bladed Foot Soldier is a great addition to NECA's 1990 TMNT movie line. Not only does he give the turtles a foe to battle but also adds a human element to the equation to help ground ninja turtles, if that's possible. The need for an enemy, the spot-on look from the movie, and the great accessories make this a great addition. The best part about wave 2 of this line is that this Foot Soldier is arguably the worst figure and he's still excellent. I cannot honestly think of another toy line that has this amount of screen accuracy, accessories, and flexibility at a 25 dollar price point. I give this bladed Foot Soldier a 9 out of 10! This is a must purchase for a long time TMNT fans, or fans of 1990 movie, or just fans who like a good action figure. Pick this guy up before he's sold out.

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