Monday, September 28, 2020

Masters Of The Universe Origins Skeletor Review


In order to have a great tv show/cartoon/toy line you need a great bad guy for the good guys to struggle against and I think Masters Of The Universe hit a home run when inventing Skeletor. People who have no knowledge of MOTU can probably name a character or two but everyone knows Skeletor, for a property that hasn't really been in the public eye since the 1980s he's still mentioned tons of non-related tv shows. Last week I brought you MOTU Origins He-Man and today I bring the ultimate bad guys of the Universe, Skeletor.

I won't go into the packaging in-depth, check out my He-Man review for that, but like He-Man it looks nearly identical to the original 1980s packaging and I like it. I don't know if Skeletor is flying out of or falling into an active volcano but he looks cool doing it.

The new Origins Skeletor has one big change besides the articulation, his head. The new He-Man has a newly sculpted head in a similar vein as the 1980s original but the expression is completely different and again like He-Man's new sculpt I'm not sure about it. I like the look but his face easily looks like he's screaming in terror. Mattel could have changed it a bit to give him a scarier look and I think that would have looked better. Skeletor has an expression like he's been skinny dipping in the moonlight and suddenly turns and finds He-Mans standing at the water's edge who can see all the changes the cold water has wrought on Skeletor body and Skeletor is mortified.

When you stand the original 1980s Skeletor with his modern Origins counterpart they look nearly identical. Besides the new head sculpt the biggest change in Skeletor is the 16 points of articulation. He has a ball joint head, joints in the shoulders, elbow, and wrist articulation for each arm. The waist turns and the legs have hip, knee, and ankle articulation. You can see that the 1980s Skeletor is a bit shorter but that's just because of the way the legs were made. The original MOTU toy line action figures all look like they have rickets. Because the Origins action figures have 3 points of articulation in each leg plus a rotating waist the new Skeletor's legs are more realistically positioned and he stands up a little straighter. If you cut of 1980s Skekeltor's legs and attached Origins legs I think they'd be the same height.
Just like He-Man, Origins Skeletor comes with the same accessories as his 80s counterpart. He has his purple half of the Power Sword and his purple Havok Staff. The staff is near identical to the original and even has the same bendy feeling just like the original.

The sword is identical to He-Mans besides being a reverse copy in purple. Just like the 1980s swords you can combine Skeletor's and He-Man's sword to open the jaw bridge to Castle Greyskull.

Also like He-Man, and all the other Wave One action figures, Skeletor comes with the mini comic book Beast Barrage. It's six pages with decent artwork and is a quick primer on all the characters of the Wave explained. I just wish there was more variety.

When I opened up my He-Man he had a white glob of something above his eye but I was lucky enough to get it off without much effort. Skeletor thankfully had no flaky white stuff but he did have some of the same black spots on him just like He-Man. There are only a couple of spots on his right leg but they aren't as big or as noticiable as on He-Man so that's good. The weapons also has the mold line spots just like He-Man's weapons but again it isn't as noticible on Skeletor and most importantly his chest armor doesn't have the same mark so that's a plus.

I was very happy with the new Origins He-Man and I can say the same thing with Skeletor. I don't hate the head, I actually like the way it looks, it's just the expression that I have issue with. I love the articulation, the coloring, the accessories, and the price. At 15 dollars these are cheaper than I thought they would be so that's a plus. I give Masters Of The Universe Origins Skeletor an 8 out of 10. If you like MOTU or cool 1980s remaked toys I think you'll like Skeletor. Go out and get one at the stores now before they're sold out and you're paying scalper prices on eBay.

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