Saturday, September 5, 2020

Wings Of Glory Dogfight (2 Sopwith Camels Vs 2 Albatros D.Va) AAR #5

In today's match, I switch it up a little with a four-plane dogfight. On the Allied side will be two Sopwith Camels, one flown by Canadian Ace Arthur Roy Brown (I'll be flying this plane which is light green) while the other Camel is flown by Belgian ace Jan Olieslager (Dark Green). On the Central Powers side is two Albatros D.Va's, one flown by German Ace Ernst Udet (Black) with the other flown by Karl Friedrich Kurt Jentsch (Yellow and Green).

In this match, I'll be piloting Brown's Camel while the other three planes will be flown using the solo rules developed by Herkybird of the Tyneside Wargamers website. I will be using all of the optional rules in the rulebook for this dogfight.


In the first turn, all four planes fly at each other, during their third maneuver all three planes fly too close and do not get a shot off.


In the first maneuver, the planes all turn to get on the six of an opponent. During the second maneuver, Brown gets his Camel behind Udet's Albatros and takes a long-range shot scoring 1 damage. The turn ends with all four planes heading off into their own corners.

Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage


Jentsch in his yellow and green Albatros turns to the left to reengage the enemy but this puts his crate into the gun sights of Brown's guns causing 1 Damage to Jentsch's plane. 

During the third maneuver, Brown turns his plane left and gets a short-range flank shot on Jentsch causing another 2 damage. The turn ends with Udet and Olieslager turning back toward the fray.

Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 3 Damage


Both of the Camels turn toward Udet and on the second maneuver, Brown gets on his tail and fires causing 0 damage. 

The turn ends with Udet turning left in an attempt to break free from Brown while Olieslager continues to close on Udet but is still too far to fire. 

Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 3 Damage


Turn 5 finds Olieslager's Camel coming up behind the Albatros of Udet. Olieslager lines up a shot and fires at Udet but causes 0 damage, Udet has been very lucky in this dogfight when it comes to damage taken. 

While those two planes are shooting at each other Brown's Camel and Jentsch's Albatros draw down on each other and both fire straight on at short range. Brown's Camel takes 2 damage as well as damage to the engine. Jentsch's Albatros suffers 3 damage.

Sopwith Camel (Brown) 2 Damage + Damaged Engine
Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 6 Damage


Udet takes his Albatros and flies away from the fighting while Olieslager fires from the right side of Jentsch's plane scoring 1 damage.

Jentsch tries to maneuver away from the guns of Olieslager but misses Brown coming up behind Jentsch on the left-hand side and gets a shot off a long-range scoring 3 more damage to his plane.

Sopwith Camel (Brown) 2 Damage + Damaged Engine
Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 9 Damage


While the three planes jockey around the sky trying to get a shot off Udet comes flying out of the sun and gets a flank shot at Oslieslager at short range and does 1 damage.

Udet flies past Oslieslager who gets behind Udet and fires at long-range to do 0 damage again! As his concentration is fixed on Udet Jentsch comes towards his right side and gets off a short-range shot to cause 0 damage as well. 

Sopwith Camel (Oslieslager) 1 Damage
Sopwith Camel (Brown) 2 Damage + Damaged Engine
Albatros D.Va (Udet) 1 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 2 Damage


Oslieslager continues on the six of Udet and fires at long-range to do 5 damage!

Udet can't shake Oslieslager's Camel who fires again to cause another 4 Damage.

The turn ends with Oslieslager moving away from Udet as Brown heads towards Udet.

Sopwith Camel (Oslieslager) 1 Damage
Sopwith Camel (Brown) 2 Damage + Damaged Engine
Albatros D.Va (Udet) 10 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 2 Damage


Brown and Udet close with each firing at each other. Udet's Albatros does 7 Damage to Brown's Camel while Udet takes 4 more damage leaving his Albatros with only 1 Damage left.

After strafing Udet Brown turns his plane towards Jentsch at long range and fires causing 7 Damage to his Albatros for a total of 16 Damage shooting him down!

Sopwith Camel (Oslieslager) 1 Damage
Sopwith Camel (Brown) 2 Damage + Damaged Engine
Albatros D.Va (Udet) 14 Damage
Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) 16 Damage SHOT DOWN


After shooting down Jentsch Brown he pulls an Immelmann maneuver which puts him facing down Udet's Albatros with both shooting at each other at long range. 

Brown's Camel takes 4 damage while Udet's Albatros takes 4 Damage to give him 18 to shoot him down and win the dogfight!

Today's dogfight was a great one and the first time I've ever played a game other than a one on one match and it was interesting and fun. I'm getting the basics down of Wings Of Glory and I'll continue to fly matches as I learn all the rules and try out new planes that I've bought. As of this post I have in my possession nine planes with more in the mail. Once I have enough for both sides to have a few options I intend to start a campaign which I may start as soon as my new planes arrive which I hope is sooner than later. Come back for the next exciting dogfight over the trenches of World War One!

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