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Back To The Future Neca Ultimate Doc Brown Review

I'm a child of the 80s and one of my favorite movie series from my childhood is Back To The Future. I've always loved toys, particularly action figures, and until recently there have been almost no action figures for BTTF. I remember wanting a remote control Delorean that I never got. Even worse than that I remember seeing a BTTF Delorean Power Wheels at Toys R Us that I would have killed for. Within the last few years NECA has begun producing action figures for Back To The Future and after really enjoying their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 movie action figures I had to get my hands on these toys and today I have for you my review of the Ultimate Doc Brown action figure from the first movie.

I'll begin my review with the packaging which I really like. For the Ultimate Doc Brown box, the front is a graphic of Doc's desk with some of the accessories that are included. The front of the box has a velcro flap that opens to reveal a picture of the action figure on the backside of the cover and a window for the action figure itself. It is a very nice-looking package and allows you to look at the action figure without having to remove it from its packaging. Behind the figure is a picture of Doc Brown's house which looks spot on and you'll be seeing it behind Doc in this review.

The back of the package has a short paragraph explaining Doc and Marty, as if we already don't know who they are 😂, as well as three pictures of the Doc Brown action figure using some of his accessories. On the bottom of the box are pictures of the other action figures available in this line. It says "Collect Them All" and I've been able to track down all the currently released figures so look forward to those review in the future. 

Next, we'll move on from the packaging to the depiction of Doc Brown in plastic form. As I've said with the TMNT figures from the 1990 movie this Ultimate Doc Brown from the first movie is beautiful from the facial expressions to the clothes and the accessories included. I hope whoever NECA has hired to sculpt these action figures were paid a king's ransom because they've knocked these figures from BTTF out of the park. As far as the heads go they've given the main head a passive face with the bandaged head from the first half of the movie. 

There are so many great scenes in the first movie and probably my favorite is when Doc is demonstrating to Marty his plan to power the time machine with lighting and he sets the model Delorean on fire. Doc yelps when it goes up in flames and the second head has been sculpted based upon that scene and, at least to me, they couldn't have picked a better face.

The clothing Doc is wearing is spot on. His coat, shirt, pants, and shoes look great. They even have his pant cuff torn from the scene where he's on the top of the clock tower and the electrical connector tears his pants. It's the details that make an action figure go from good to "Ultimate" and NECA knows what they're doing.

When we come to accessories for this Ultimate Doc Brown to me it's a mixed bag. The Ultimate Marty McFly action figure comes with a guitar, skateboard, backpack, VHS Camcorder, three extra hands, and one extra head. Ultimate Doc Brown comes with three paper accessories (Blueprints of Doc's House, Doc's drawing of the Flux Capacitor, and the envelope Doc writes to Marty) a pipe wrench, a pair of goggles, two extra hands, and one extra head. The hands and head a just fine and the pipe wrench is technically used by Doc in the movie but it's not a major prop, and the goggles are a great accessory since they go with the second head. I also like the paper props but I feel that there were better accessories that Doc could have come with. 

The biggest in my mind is his mind reader headgear. I assume it would have been expensive so it wasn't included. Instead of the pipe wrench, I think the model Delorean that he sets on fire would have been more appropriate with the head sculpt from that scene. Other props Doc could have come with would be the gun he pulls on the Lybians or even the hat he wears when he's undercover at the high school. I know he had a different set of clothes on in that scene so I assume that's why he didn't come with that. The accessories Ultimate Doc Brown comes with are great, I just feel that Ultimate Marty comes with a lot more and it feels like a bit of a rip-off at the same price.

Ultimate Doc Brown is in NECA's 7-inch scale and measures right at 7 1/2 inches tall. He has many points of articulation which include a ball joint for his head, shoulder joints, double joints in the elbow, and wrist articulation. His waist swivels and each leg has a hip joint, knee joint, and ankle joint. My Doc Brown is pretty flexible and I can pose him in some great poses. If NECA came out with a scaled Delorean this Doc would fit behind the seat, this actual figure wouldn't fit because of his coat but you get the idea.

Ultimate Doc Brown with Ultimate Marty McFly

In my opinion, this is a great action figure. Doc Brown looks very close to his portrayal in the movie, particularly at this price point and scale. He's flexible and I like the paper accessories and spare head. When I bought my 7 Inch Scale Donatello from the 1990 TMNT movie his hand broke when I tried to switch them out. Due to this, I'm very hesitant to switch hands so my Doc Brown will be wearing his gloves for the foreseeable future. The only knock I have for this figure is the number of accessories he comes with compared to Marty. Despite that, I would give this action figure a 9 out of 10. If you like the Back To The Future trilogy I recommend you pick up this figure before he's sold out and the prices increase.

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