Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wings Of Glory Video Game Dogfight Camel vs Albatross D.Va AAR #1


Today I bring you my first dogfight in the new Wings Of Glory video game by Ares Games, the makers of the Wings Of Glory miniature game, and Dire Wolf Games. This video game is available for purchase for iOS, Android, and on Steam.

My Sopwith Camel

For my first game I'm playing a simple dogfight. I will be flying my favorite plane the Sopwith Camel and my opponent will be flying a Albatros D.Va. This is the same combination of my first miniature dogfight which you can read about here.

My opponents Albatros D.Va

Before the match starts you can choose Ace Skills for your plane but I kept mine stock to make it a fair fight.

The match starts the same as most with both planes at seperate edges of the map.

As you can see in the next photo my legal moves are availabe on the left side of the screen. You pick three, your AI opponent also picks three but secretly, and off your planes go.

We fly at each other and fire, I hit doing two cards of damage while my opponent fires and misses me. He then turns to his left while I continue forward.

In the photo above, before the second turn starts, I'm planning to turn my plane to the right in the hope he'll line up in my gun sights.

As I guessed he turned to his left and I got a long range shot off on his flank causing more damage while he has no shot on me.

For my third turn I'm about to go off the map which would cause me to lose the dogfight so I decide to pull an Immelmann Turn which flips your plane backwards and saves me from going off the edge while putting the enemy back within my gun sights.

My Immelmann Turn worked from keeping me going off the edge of the map. Unfortunatley my enemy was able to maneuver away from my guns. This also helps me because he doens't have a shot against me either. For my next turn I decide to turn left hoping my enemy will end up in front of my plane.

I guessed wrong as the Albatros turned left keeping both of us out of range of our enemie's guns. Since the Albatros is near the edge of the map I guess he'll be going straight forward or turn left as a right turn would end the game for him. Due to this I will pull another Immelmann Turn which should put him in front of my plane.

My guess was correct and we both fly at each other and fire at short range. He causes one point of damage to my plane as well as jamming my rutter meaning I can't turn right for the next turn. I also do damage to him.

Since I can't turn right this turn I decide to pull another Immelmann Turn and hopefully line him up for another shot. It works to get him in front of my guns but he's just out of long range for a shot.

I now will turn right to get the Fokker infront of my guns for a shot at him. The Fokker is in trouble. I get him within my sights and fire again.

And that's it, the Fokker Dr.1 took too much damage and has crashed so me and my Sopwith Camel win the dogfight. The Wings Of Glory Video Game is an exact replica of the miniature game and a great way for someone interested in trying the game out before spending lots of money on miniature planes. In the coming weeks you'll see more Wings Of Glory, both the video game and the miniature game.

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