Monday, August 15, 2022

Masters Of The Universe Origins Teela Review

Today I bring you a review of the Masters Of The Universe Origins Teela Heroic Warrior Goddess! action figure from 2020. Teela is a member of the good side in MOTU and one of the very few female characters, at least from the 1980s iteration of MOTU. 

MOTU Origins Teela was released in Wave One during the year 2020. Like all the releases in Wave One, Teela is carded on a near replica of the original MOTU action figure card backs from the 1980s. She is also packaged with the same mini comic book, Beast Barrage, as the other Wave One figures.

When it comes to the battle of good versus evil Teela comes equipped with some weapons and armor to help win the fight. Her main weapon is the Staff of Ka. Teela also comes with removable serpent armor and a shield. The original Teela released in the 1980s also came with the same accessories but the new versions are all better. The original shield clipped onto Teela's wrist while the new shield has a handle she can hold. The armor is also made from strong plastic which doesn't look like will break easily.

Of course, all the modern articulation is a plus for all the action figures of the Origins line and Teela is no exception. Even better, at least to me, is Teela's face. I think Mattel nailed her face. It's a cross between the original action figure and the Filmation Teela that I think works well. Teela's new face sculpt is easily my favorite, at least compared to He-Man's and Skeletor's new sculpts. I think it's a good compromise between the two while being it's own and making the Origin's Teela stick out compared to other versions of Teela.

As you can see above Evil-Lyn shares Teela's body. This makes sense in that it saves Mattel money by having to use one sculpt for two figures but it's also how the 1980s figures were produced as well. Plus Evil-Lyn and Teela have had the same clothes, albeit in different colors, since day one and fans would be upset if they changed the look of the standard version of these figures.

I think this Origins version of Teela Heroic Warrior Goddess! is an excellent addition to this new toy line. A new face sculpt, modern articulation, and better working accessories all add up to make Teela a must-have action figure. I give Masters Of The Universe Origins Teela a 9 out of 10!

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