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Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Movie He-Man by Mattel Review


In the mail today was a box full of He-Man goodness! I preordered both Masterverse Movie figures and for whatever reason, they were shipped separately so today I bring you my review of He-Man. Besides the review itself, I will also be comparing this release to Super7's Movie He-Man release from a few years ago. Is the Masterverse version better than Super7?

I don't want to start with a negative but this He-Man is a cheap knockoff of the Super7 He-Man from a few years ago in nearly every way. In no way is it a terrible figure, it just doesn't hold up to the original. It feels like the person who created this figure was told what He-Man looks like over the phone and this figure is the result. Everything is there and looks basically right. The Super7 He-Man looks like a Lego version while this Masterverse He-Man feels like the Duplo version.

This Masterverse action figure has the exact same accessories as the Super7 version. He has the movie version of the Power Sword which is called the Sword Of Greyskull in the movie. He also has his pistol blaster, the knife that goes into his belt, and his boot knife. This boot knife has a sheath molded into his left boot which is convenient when you're playing with your toys but this sheath doesn't exist in real life. 

The last accessory is a second head that looks more like the classic He-Man head. The amount the 
"He-Man" head is off is about the same that the "Dolph" head is off if you understand my meaning.

This is the "He-Man" head.

As far as the action figure goes he has the same articulation as other Masterverse figures like the 40th Anniversary He-Man. I have some issues with the specific action figure I bought. First off on the "good" head his left cheek has a cut in the plastic, it probably happened while they were removing the head from the mold, and it just looks bad.

The second problem is the paint slop. He-Man's right arm has paint marks all over that is just sloppy work on Mattel's part. Funny enough is that the same arm with the paint slop also has a cut in the plastic like on the head. You'd think Mattel would be better with quality control as they've been producing Masters Of The Universe action figures for 40 years now. 

Here's the paint slop and the cut to the left of the joint.

Now it's time for all the good on this action figure. First of all his chest armor can be removed without destroying the figure so this figure is like a two in one. With the armor on he is regular He-Man and without the armor he can portray "slave" He-Man from the end of the movie.
Blade has never been so happy!

The second good point of this action figure is the cape. It is cloth like the Super7 He-Man but it's closer in color to the movie version and it has gold trim on the bottom. I like this cape so much that If I could remove the cape on the Super7 He-Man without damaging it I would swap them, it's that good!

And finally, the third good thing is the price. While it costs the same as the Super7 He-Man at $35 you can no longer pay that much. Super7 He-Man, as well as the two different Skeletors, sell for over $200 today. In my review of those figures, I said to get them before they become too expensive and I was right. The Masterverse He-Man and Skeletor Movie action figures are already selling on eBay for over the $35 asking price, I'm seeing these at double the price. Buy them now if you have any interest.


So can I recommend the Movie He-Man action figure? Yes but mostly if you don't have the Super7 version. Super7 designed He-Man as closely to the way he looked in the movie than the Masterverse version so in my opinion he's just better. Due to everything I've mentioned above, I have to give this Masterverse Movie He-Man a 7 out of 10! Get him now before they are all sold out and cost too much... again.

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