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Ultimate Robocop Action Figure by Neca Review


"Stay Out Of Trouble"

NECA does it again! They've made Terminator action figures, TMNT 1990 Movie action figures, Back To The Future action figures, and many other properties that I love. This time they've turned their eye to one of my all-time favorite movies, Robocop. Let's see how Robo ranks with other NECA action figures.

Robocop is one of my all-time favorite movies and I had to buy him when I saw him at the store. I remember my brother and I would watch the movie as kids but we only had a copy taped off the tv so all the blood and swears were missing. Even though I've owned the unrated cut for decades now I still remember all the changed lines.

Robocop with data spike.

This Robocop figure is in the standard 7-inch scale which seems, at least to me, becoming the standard collectors' action figure size. 

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Robocop comes with some decent accessories. First off he has his Auto-9 hand cannon. He also comes with an iconic Cobra Assault Cannon. He also has a right hand with the data spike. Robocop comes with a blast effect that can be attached to the end of the guns to mimic the guns firing. Lastly, he comes with a spare head with his helmet removed. All in all a nice set of accessories.

Compared to other NECA action figures, Robocop is missing some articulation but this is due to the Robocop suit not being very flexible. If you watch the movie you'll see Peter Weller moving very robot-like. Some of that is due to Weller purposely walking like that but some of it is also due to the costume being very restrictive. Robocop's lower legs are very restrictive but the piston on the back of each leg actually moves so it looks great and is movie accurate. His chest armor also limits both his torso movements but also his arms. If you know before purchase that the Robocop's armor makes this action figure restrictive you will be fine. The figure has as much articulation as the character has in the movie.

The painting on this figure is very well done. I've seen some other NECA Robocop action figures with some issues with the molds of his head and the paint overall but mine is in excellent shape. His costume is of course silver but the paint also has light purple highlights just like in the movie.

The coolest feature of this Robocop action figure is his spring-loaded holster on his right hip. There is a lever on the back of his leg, which you barely notice, pressing it pops open his leg holster and his Auto-9 pistol can be placed inside. You can then close the leg pieces and the gun will stay inside until Robocop needs to shoot rapists.

Your move creep!

Along with this Robocop action figure, NECA has two other releases in this set. One is a battle-damaged Robocop which also includes the chair he sits in and an ED-209 in scale with Robocop. I want to get both of these toys as well and hope that NECA will continue the line with more releases. I'd like to see a Lewis figure as well as a Clarence Bodicker. Frankly, I'd like to see an action figure on all the main characters, wouldn't a Ronnie Cox action figure be great! I'd love to see a Lewis and Murphy, as a cop, along with a Ford Taurus police car in scale with the figures.

Casey Jones, Robocop, T-800, Biff Tannen

Overall I'm very happy with this Robocop action figure. Great accessories, a great paint job, and acceptable articulation make an attractive figure. I think you'll like this figure if you purchase him. I paid $35 for him which is actually a little lower than I've seen online so do some searches to save some money. I give NECA's Ultimate Robocop an 8 out of 10!

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