Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peggle Review

Peggle is a puzzle game by PopCap Games that was released for the Windows PC and Mac OS in 2007 and was then ported to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS and iOS and android phones. Peggle was one of the Games With Gold for May 2016.

Peggle is a simple but fun game with the purpose of knocking out all the orange pegs by shooting your balls at them before you're out of balls. While your goal is to knock out all the orange pegs the screen will also have blue pegs that will be in the way making you have to knock them out before you can get to the orange pegs. Any peg that your ball hits will be removed and can hit as many pegs as it can while your ball bounces around like in pinball before it hits to bottom of the screen and goes out.

The game has a single player campaign called Adventure which contains a total of 55 levels to complete. Every five levels will unlock a Peggle Master that will grant you an ability that will help you complete each stage. Each one has it's advantages and during Adventure mode but you won't be able to pick which Master you can use until you complete Adventure mode. In order to use the Master's ability you'll need to have your ball bounce off two green pegs that will change locations on the screen until you hit them. Once you hit the green peg the ability will be activated for either one ball or for a couple depending on which Master you're using.

Each level has 25 orange pegs to hit before you complete the level. There will also be around 100 blue pegs that you'll have to work around. Each level will have a different setup for where the pegs will be located. Levels will also have things to work around like moving platforms which can block your shot.

While you're main goal is to hit all the orange pegs before you run out of balls you'll also want to earn as many points as you can. Each peg hit earns you points and you can also earn extra points by earning style points, examples would be hitting two pegs at opposite ends of the screen or hitting lots of pegs with one ball. Besides going for a high score when you earn enough points you'll be giving an extra ball for that level.

There are also multi player games you can play but I didn't give it a shot because as of this writing the game came out nine years ago and with the release of Peggle 2 I figured there weren't too many still playing online. Adventure Mode took me a couple hours to complete, most levels I was able to beat on my first try. Peggle is a fun little puzzle game and if you can get it for a good price you'll probably enjoy. I would give Peggle a 6 out of 10.

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