Monday, December 9, 2019

Mega Construx Heroes Series 2 Teela Review

After getting Beast Man last week I went online looking for Teela, the only other Masters Of The Universe mini that I was missing from Series 2. After a quick look through Amazon, I found a Mega Construx Heroes Battle For Eternia Collection which includes He-Man and Skeletor from Series 1, Beast Man and Teela from Series 2, and Faker from Series 3. Amazon was selling this set with five figures for thirteen dollars shipped. I've been opening these figures so original packaging wasn't a big deal for me so I bought the set and two days later I had these.

Faker, Beast Man, He-Man, Skeletor, Teela

It didn't mention it in the listing but I believe it was for nearly ten dollars less than its original price because the card was bent up a little which doesn't bother me and if you are looking to get these guys brand new you can't beat thirteen dollars.

So we have Teela (FND73) who is part of the Masters Of The Universe line of toys. She comes with her action figure, display stand with her name printed on it, her shield, and her staff. In Masters Of The Universe Teela runs the Royal Guard, she grew up with Prince Adam, her mother is the Sorceress Of Greyskull and depending upon the source her father, or adopted father, is Man-At-Arms.

Unlike the other figures that I've reviewed for this line, Teela is a female. I know in the real world many men and women have similar shapes but in Masters Of The Universe He-Man and the other male figures were hyper muscled making them stand out on the shelves from other male action figures. On the other hand, female figures like Teela, Evil-Lyn, and the Sorceress and had slim athletic bodies which were much smaller than their male counterparts.

Knowing that I can understand how Teela had to be constructed. Her abdomen is smaller than the other male bodies but the legs and arms are basically the same sizes. Unlike how the men's legs have large sculpted muscles Teela's legs are smooth which helps the female bodies look unique. This line of toys is all made from the same buck which gives them the same outline so while the Teela figure looks slimmer than her male counterparts, her shoulders are going to get stuck going through the same size doorway as the male figures would. I can forgive this as she does look like Teela and this is a kids toy line that costs five dollars per figure in 2019.

Overall I'm very happy with the look of this Teela, she looks very close to her original figure with her outfit and detailing but I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of her face. I think it's because she looks more like her original action figure and less like her appearance in the Filmation cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe which isn't really a knock against the toy.

Teela has all the same articulation as the other releases so she can be posed in similar ways to the other figures and also will fit in the same vehicles the male figures fit into. Teela has 21 pieces and is equipped with her shield and staff which is nice but I would have liked her to have a weapon like a sword as well as her snake armor that the original Teela toy came with in the 80s.

Teela is another great addition to my Mega Construx Heroes Masters Of The Universe line.  With Teela I have all four MOTU figures from the first two sets and my Faker review will be coming soon. For Teela, I give her a 7 out of 10.

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