Monday, December 16, 2019

Mega Construx Heroes Series 3 Faker Review

Today we have Faker, one of my least favorite characters from Masters Of The Universe toy line. When released as a figure in the early 80s he was just a He-Man figure with a new paint job, a sticker on his chest, and recolored Skeletor armor. I don't think even Ram Man or Orko would be fooled to think this guy was He-Man. When Faker appeared in the original cartoon, instead of being blue he looked identical to He-man, in both color and accessories, but he was a robot who's eyes glowed which sounds like he would work better as a He-Man Faker than a blue guy. Because he didn't remotely look like the toy put me off liking him so I never got him as a kid.

Last week I reviewed Teela, who came out of the Masters Of The Universe Battle For Eternia Collection which comes with He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, and finally Faker.

Faker (FXP51) is from Mega Construx Heroes 3rd Series and is the only figure from the Masters Of The Universe line in this wave. In addition to Faker Wave 3 also has Data from Star Trek, Leonardo from the TMNT, the T-800 Guardian (Arnold) and the T-1000, and finally the Xenomorph from Aliens.

Just like his original toy, this Mega Faker is a repainted He-Man with orange Skeletor armor. For weapon's Faker has  He-Man's Power Sword colored orange and the best part, a new orange Battle Axe. The very first He-Man was equipped with a sword, shield, and ax so now you can equip your Mega He-Man with his ax and Faker still has his orange sword. Just like the original, this new Faker has a sticker on his chest with Like all other figures, Faker also comes with a plastic base with his name on it. Including weapons, Faker has a total of 21 pieces.

I understand those toy companies like to release toys that can be produced with already designed parts because it takes them less work and time for the company to produce new figures which saves them a lot of money. This is exactly why Faker was originally released as everything he came with was just a repaint of already designed pieces, not counting the sticker on his chest. It was the same with Battlecat, he was a cat toy from the Mattel toy line Big Jim in the seventies and because the human figures in that line were around 10 inches tall, Battlecat was out of scale with He-Man. Because Battlecat was big enough for He-Man to ride on the back of Battlecat became He-Man iconic steed.

I know I'm a bit off-topic but just look at the art that was on the original Battlecat toy. There is no question that I was a Masters Of The Universe fan instead of GI Joe or Transformers because of the artwork on the original toys.

Here's Faker's original artwork which you can see why I had Battlecat and not Faker.

Now we've come to my final thoughts on this Mega Construx Faker and I think that while not my favorite character and with nothing new except an ax you still have to get Faker. He has an important part in the Masters' line also if you're collecting either the whole Construx line or just the Masters Of The Universe releases he's only five dollars. That's one of the big reasons I like this line is that they aren't expensive, even rarer releases like Evil-Lyn are only five to ten dollars over the sticker price. Also if you're new to these figures and want the Masters releases the Battle For Eternia Collection is a great way to start for both the price and the figures you get with it. For Faker I'm giving him a 5 out of 10.

And if you're a MOTU fan and do not like me besmirching Faker than never fear because one of my favorite characters is Gwildor.

Also who cares what I think, I'm just another idiot out of billions on the Internet who think they know everything.

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