Monday, August 17, 2020

Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture Mexican Lobby Card

About ten years ago I found this lobby card on eBay and bought it, I can't remember exactly but I paid less than 10 dollars shipped for it so all in all pretty inexpensive. When I bought this it was listed as a Mexican lobby card but other than being in Spanish I cannot confirm nor deny that this is from Mexico. This lobby card measures 17 3/4 inches by 11 5/8 inches (45 cm by 29.5 cm) and is made out of thin paper more similar to printer paper than either a movie poster or a lobby card made out of photographic paper.

Here is an example of a Spanish Lobby Card.

The reason I bought this card is that this picture is either a picture from a deleted scene or a just an on the set production photo. Production photos are pictures taken on set with the actors in full makeup, sometimes they are pictures taken during a scene and sometimes are posed onset but not used in the movie. Most of the time production photos are used in press kits, movie posters, and media releases like old VHS, DVD, or Blu Ray releases.

This picture is part of a set of photos that were taken of He-Man at the beginning of the movie that was used in production material and is probably the most famous picture of He-Man from the movie that isn't directly from a scene in the movie.

This picture was also used on the back of the VHS release in the 1980s and that's what I know it from. When I got the movie on VHS I was younger and did not understand how movie production worked. All I knew was that on the back of the VHS box was a picture of He-Man that wasn't in the movie so I assumed that it was a deleted scene instead of just a production photo and ever since that, I've been on a quest to find any and all deleted material from the movie.

Back of the VHS box.

The director has stated that whole scenes were removed including an alternate ending that was very similar to the ending of The Wizard of Oz. When the "25th" anniversary Blu Ray of the movie it was announced it was stated to include a 25th Anniversary documentary by the director that was nearly or completely finished but at the last minute Warner Brothers, who owns the rights the movie, decided to not include it which is just terrible to fans like me. The only good thing that came out of it is that eleven minutes of the documentary was released on You-Tube to watch and it contained some great still shots from the movie that were new to me.

If any MOTU fans out there know of any other deleted scenes, production pictures, or any pictures that were from on the set I'd love to know about it!

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