Saturday, August 1, 2020

Wings Of Glory Sopwith Camel VS Fokker Dr.I Dogfight AAR #3

Today I will be flying with against legendary German Ace the Red Baron in his Fokker Dr.I while I will be flying in English Ace Arthur Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel. The Red Baron will be using the solo rules by  Herkybird of the Tyneside Wargames website.  Unlike in my first two AARs in today's match, I will be using the Basic, Standard, and the Optional rules.

On Turn 1 both planes fly at each other and on maneuver 3 they both get a shot off. Each shot is within Short Range so two damage cards for each hit. The first card I pulled for the Fokker was the explosion card. Usually, I would play the result, but since this was the first Turn I replaced that card and redrew the damage for the Fokker getting a total of 9 damage. My Sopwith Camel also takes 9 damage in the exchange.

At the End of Turn 1, The Fokker Dr.I flown by Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) has sustained 9 damage to his flying machine while me piloting Arthur Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel also sustained 9 damage.

Turn 2 begins with me pulling an Immelmann Turn in my Camel to get on the six of the Red Baron's Fokker. I spend the final two maneuvers of Turn 2 jockeying to get a shot on the Red Baron while he does his best to avoid my guns. Turn 2 ends with neither planes taking a shot so both continue to have 9 damage.

The Red Baron continues his evasion on Turn 3 but my quicker Sopwith Camel closes the gap and I take a shot at the end of maneuver 1 at Long Range and do 4 damage which is enough to send the Red Baron and his Fokker crashing to the ground for a win for me in my Sopwith Camel.

Today's dogfight was another quick but exciting match and was the first time I've flown against a Dr.I. While the Fokker's maneuverability was good it's weakness is it's slower speed than the Sopwith Camel and that is exactly how I defeated it. I think the Fokker Dr.I would be a much more lethal opponent if you going against more than one where top speed would be less of a factor.

In my next match, I will be switching sides and fly the Fokker Dr.I against a Sopwith Camel using the AI solo rules. I hope you enjoyed this dogfight and hope you come back for the next match!

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