Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flames Of War Polish Reconnaissance Platoon Review

 Well I finally bought a few Flames Of War minis by Battlefront. I bought the Polish TKS tankette 5 pack.

The box only came with a few pieces that I needed to put together. It didn't come with any instructions on how to but the nice art on the box was more than enough to figure out where to put everything. The tanks themselves were nicely molded with very little flash to cut away. The only flaw I found with the minis was that most of the guns were bent but that was easily fixed.

 The tanks went together easily and after some primer, I painted them in the colors the Blitzkrieg book suggested, Reflective Green for the main body color with splotches of Dark Sand and Flat Brown for camo. I then gave the tanks a wash followed by a quick highlight and finally I sealed them with gloss followed up with a matt varnish. Overall I'm very pleased with the tanks and as long as I can get some money off the suggested retail price I would have no problem buying more minis from Battlefront.

What it all comes down to for me is price. Some of Battlefronts miniatures are very nice but not at the price they charge. I can buy 5 tanks from Battlefront for 58 dollars from their website or I can pay 25 dollars for 5 tanks from Command Decision or The Plastic Soldier Company. Flat out it comes down to money if Battlefront wants my money they need to price their miniatures competitively.

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