Saturday, June 27, 2015

Let's Play The Department Mission 1 Take 2

If you're new to The Department you can click here to read my review of it.

Last time (click here if you missed it) Detective Issac of the Fabricant Crimes Division went throughout the city interrogating suspects looking for evidence to bring down the evil RMB-0, a grade 8 fabricant terrorist.

Unfortunately, Issac was ambushed by gang members and gunned down in broad daylight. After he heard what happened his twin brother David, a member of the Metropolitan Police Department, asked to be transferred to the Fabricant Crimes Unit and take over where his brother left off. The chief agreed and Detective David Issac was on the case.

Everything from the first mission will transfer over, the only change will be new stats for David. David's background is tragic, with the loss of his brother. Tragic gives him a +1D when rolling against a fabricant set on the hostile subroutine and a -1D on rolls against a fabricant not on a hostile subroutine. He was trained in investigation giving him a +1 to Notice and Question and is a member of the Fabricant Crimes unit giving him a +1D on Reaction and Process Evidence actions at the station.

After what happened to his brother David has spent extra money on a personal sidearm and is now equipped with a Blaster Pistol, which uses 5 dice in attacks versus the 4 dice with the standard-issue slug thrower. The Blaster Pistol can also be set to stun.

The first mission in this campaign against RMB-0 is Grass The neighborhood. Detective David Issac must interrogate 3 people to gather evidence against RMB-0. This investigation starts with 100 budget and this mission costs 5.

This is the table at the beginning of the game. Detective Issac is the red guy near the top left of the screen next to the brick building. There is a POI south of him surrounded by a crowd. To the right of that POI is the second one. The last POI is the man to the north by himself on the road.


Detective Issac moves 6 inches towards the closest Person Of Interest.


Detective Issac moves his movement and comes into contact with the crowd and within 3 inches of the first POI. Issac questions him but the man won't talk so Issac intimidates him. He needs to roll 2 to 4 passes to successfully question him and with 3 dice rolls 3 and gets 1 point of people evidence.

Turn 2


The next 2 turns have Issac moving towards the POI to the right.

Turn 3

Turn 4


On turn 5 Issac moves 6" and makes it to within 3 inches of the second POI. He questions him but finds out he is only a regular citizen with no information.

Turn 5


Detective Issac moves his 6" inches both turn toward the last POI.

Turn 7


On turn 9 Issac meets up with the last Person Of Interest and questions him but he turns out to be a regular citizen as well with no information for the case.


At this point, Detective Issac has met all his goals for this mission completing his mission. In the end, he was able to get 1 people evidence without any Internal Affairs points. Issac receives 1 experience point for gathering the evidence and with spending 5 budget on this mission is left with 95 for the campaign.

In the next mission, Detective Issac will be going to meet a snitch to gather more information to be used to stop RMB-0, you can click here to read it.

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