Friday, June 26, 2015

Iron Man from Disney Infinity 2.0 Review

For my review of Disney Infinity, you can click here.

Iron Man is one of Marvel's Avengers and comes packed in the 2.0 Marvel starter set. He is one of the best figures to use because he can play in the Marvel Avenger play set, the Spider-Man play set and the Guardians Of The Galaxy play set.

Fighting Abilities:

First off Iron Man can fly which is very handy in the game. He can use his super strength to punch with and his ranged attacks include Repulsor Blasts, missiles, and a Uni-Beam attack.

Alternative Outfits:

If you use the Stark Arc Reactor Power Disc Iron Man can use his Mark 42 suit.


 Iron Man is voiced by Adrian Pasdar who has voiced him in numerous cartoons.


Iron Man can only be purchased within the Marvel starter set which retails for $74.99 but you can buy it from Amazon for $39.99.

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