Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of Let's Play Minecraft on Xbox. To catch up on what's happened before click here for Episode 1 and here for Episode 2. This week consisted of some maintenance work and some mining, no real projects started or worked on.

I built a fourth house for my villagers giving them 56 doors with a maximum amount 18 villagers being allowed to spawn. With the new house there are now () villagers. It is very hard to count them because they are always moving around very fast but I wanted to know the how many of each villager there is and here's what I found.

No work on Project X this week but I did go down to level 13 to do some mining. I do all my mining on level 13 because I read somewhere online that it's the best place to mine for gold and diamonds because there aren't many under that and none at the higher levels, I forget the exact locations. On 13 I have railways that go from one side of the map to the other going both North-South and East-West. I've also carved out a big chunk down the middle and will continue to do so.

Mining accomplishes a few things for me. First and most important is it gives me the raw materials I need to make things. Gold, Diamonds and Iron are the most important with coal not as important but still needed. I have lots of Redstone, gravel, flint and lapus that I need so I still collect it but at this point don't care if I get it or not.

The second goal is to get XP. When I mine I take the cobblestone I get and put it into my block of furnaces to make them into stone. This gives me the stone I need to build all of my projects, I like building with stone the most, but also it gives me XP that I need to enchant all my tools. I mainly enchant pickaxes and swords. On the pickaxes I'm after efficiency, (something) and fortune. Fortune is very handy when mining diamonds because it gives you more diamonds per block and with its rarity it's good to use. On swords I usually care about looting, which I used to great success on my cows, and knockback. Knockback is good to use when fighting Creepers because each hit sends them away from you so they won't blow up and kill you or your creations.

Speaking of Creepers I was using my subway to go from my building down through my castle to level 13 and came around a corner and hit a Creeper. Before I could do anything he blew up injuring me and wrecking the subway. It took some time to fix what was destroyed and I added more lights to keep anything else from spawning.

Down at level 13 I did a lot of mining. I like to spend a few hours about once a week doing some mining to replenish the materials that I used through the week. Now that I have some villagers that will sell me diamond tools in exchange for emeralds mining diamonds isn't as important as it's been but I'm not going to turn away extra diamonds. With general use I go through a lot of pickaxes and swords so I also need to get some XP to enchant new tools as well. Also I find mining to be calming. I usually put on some music and spend a few hours mining away but you do have to be vigilant with putting lights down so you don't have any Creepers spawn behind you and kill you while your working. Also like I mentioned last week you need to be careful when you mine so you don't kill yourself and burn away all your tools in a lake of lava.

That's all for this week. Check back next week for more Minecraft fun!

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