Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Strat-O-Matic 1988 Baseball Replay Introduction

As I mentioned in this post I recently went to see two playoff games and with the playoffs in general I've been into baseball lately so I decided to replay a complete season. The first real baseball seasons I can remember was in the late 80s so one of the seasons for Strat-O-Matic that I bought was for 1988. I was a huge Mets fan and knew all the players inside and out so I thought I would replay their complete season and see how I would do.

My plan was to play the Mets full season and then compare it to how the rest of the National League did in real life to determine if the Mets would make the playoffs. The problem that I ran into once I became replaying the season was that while I was having fun it felt like It didn't matter as much because none of the other teams I played really mattered since I would base the playoff against the real life totals. Also I wouldn't be able to compare what my Mets players did against the other teams so I decided I would play through the complete seasons for all the teams. Doing some quick math I determined if I didn't kill myself and played a few games a day it would take me around a year to do but I felt that in the end it would be worth it.

Now because I started to just play the season with the Mets I am fairly far into the season with the rest of the NL only having played games against the Mets. I decided that once I completed the Mets season I would pick another team, which will be the Cubs, and finish their season and continue on with the next team. I thought this would be good for a few reasons. First this way I would know the team I was playing better and know how and when to play players. Second doing it this way I will play my favorite teams first and as I work my way down I will have to play less games with each team since by the time I play the third teams games they will already have played all their games against the Mets and Cubs. This way I won't get to bored playing a team I don't care about and quick before I complete my replay. Now for those of you who may see your favorite team being played last it isn't so much that I don't like your team it's just that I don't know that teams players well and won't have much fun with it. Another plus for this way to replay the season is that until most of the teams games have been played I won't know how well the teams have done compared to the others until the season is nearly complete. If the Mets will 90 games will that be enough for first place or will that only be second place? I won't know until the season is nearly at an end.

The rules I'll be using are the Advanced rules with a few Super Advanced rules here and there. I will be using Ball Park Effects, the Super Advanced Injury Chart, the Solitaire Player Rest Chart, Solitaire Starting Lineup Usage Chart and the Super Advanced Starting Pitchers Rest Chart. I will play each game that the teams played in real life but I'll be selecting lineups, based upon what were used in real life for the teams I'm playing against, but I'm disregarding at bats per season. Instead of a complete replay copy of the 1988 season my replay will be more of a what if. As long as a player was on a team I will use them as much or little as I want and will sit people when the rules tell me to or if they suffer an injury.

Since this kind of replay will consist of a lot of games I will be only listing box scores for each game and a small summary of anything of interest in the game. I will also be listing each series as one post instead of one for each game played to make it a bit easier to follow without thousands of posts. I will be playing all games with cards and dice but to make all the stats from getting out of hand I'll be using iScore on my Ipad to score all the games and track stats.

I think this replay is going to be a lot of fun and I hope you have fun following along as well!


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