Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Back To The Future : The Game By Telltale Games Episode 1 Review

Back to the Future : The Game is an earlier game released by Telltale games. It is a standard Telltale style adventure game similar to The Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones. It is available to play on just about everything, mobile and console alike including  the Xbox One and 360.

I'm going to mention vague plot points but there will be no major spoilers in this review.


The game puts you into the roll of Marty and you need to help rescue Doc and restore the time lines that have become messed up. The beginning of Episode 1 recreates the scene in the movie Back To The Future when Einstein takes his first trip through time at the Twin/Lone Pines Mall. The game plays the scene out through the camcorder Marty is using which is pretty neat. From there you move to Doc's place in 1986 and you get to explore around  interacting with some of the items that are seen in the first movie.

The story in Episode 1 is that Doc is stranded in the past and the Delorean comes to the present (1986) so Marty can go back to save him. Through out the story you have Marty interacting with both people from the movies and new characters. Most of these new characters are relatives of characters established in the movies.

The game plays just like Telltales other adventure games except that it has many more puzzles then the newer games. The last Telltale game I played was Minecraft : Story Mode which had very few and easy puzzles so it may seem to me like BTTF has more. While not very hard in general the puzzles in BTTF were harder than in Minecraft. To help you out if you get stuck the game will give you a couple clues, each one giving you more information than the last. It's a nice system to have in case you get stuck but it can be abused because the last clue for each puzzle is basically the answer.

The game's graphics are in a realistic style like The Walking Dead but with a more cartoony fell to it. Christopher Lloyd reprises his roll as Doc Brown and if you have the 30th anniversary game you also have Tom Wilson doing Biff's lines. Also Marty's girlfriend Jennifer's voice is done by the original actress from the first movie Claudia Wells. AJ Locascio provides the voice for Marty. While he isn't Michael J. Fox he does pretty well filling in for him. In the last Episode Michael J. Fox does reprise his roll as Future Marty and as William McFly.

Bob Gale, who wrote Back To The Future, was a consultant which adds the this games appeal. The story is pretty good, especially if you're a fan, but non fans (although truthfully I've never met a person say they didn't like the movie) will like the game as well.

Before I wrap this review up I have to mention the bugs. Like all Telltale games Back To The Future : The Game has it's share of bugs. Not game breaking ones, just annoying ones. I've seen words from buildings show through characters, the mouths aren't even close to being matched up to what the characters are saying and a few times characters have interacted with items, such as a piece of paper, and the paper disappears. Now none of these bugs are making the game unplayable but it gets on my nerves.

Overall I would recommend this game. I enjoy how Telltale games play and I'm a huge Back To The Future fan which makes the game even more fun. I rate this game an 8 out of 10.

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