Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cubs Lose

I got to see the Cubs yesterday play the Mets in New York. It was the first time I'd seen them play together in 25 years. This was also my first visit to Citi Field which was great for me, too bad the game couldn't have been better.

In the first inning, the Cubs hit back to back home runs and it looked like it would be an easy win. After that, the Cubs really started falling apart and ended up losing 9-4 and it was just awful.

I did get to spend some time looking around the stadium and I have to say they really did a nice job on it. It was very easy to make your way around the stadium with everything thought out very well. Besides the Cubs losing and the drive, the worst part of the game were the fans. We had a bunch of college kids close enough to us that every their regular talking was easy to hear. Once the beers started flowing they started screaming, chanting, and just being very nasty. Usually, that's the one thing that ruins a game for me is rude people.

We went looking for the museum but couldn't find it. Apparently, it's right around this picture that I took, oh well there will be other chances.

One last thing to mention, two separate people fell down the stairs next to our seats. It was bizarre because there wasn't anything they tripped on but did it in the exact same location and within 20 minutes of each other. They were both fine so that was good to know. Today's loss was the first time I've seen the Cubs lose a game in person which made me a bit sad. When I said that to my mother she just laughed because she's seen many Cubs games where they lost in the 50s and 60s. See you next time!

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