Friday, June 2, 2017

Rocking Pilot (PC) Review

Rocking Pilot is an over-the-top twin-stick shooter developed by Gungrounds and published by Mad Head Games. You're a pilot of a helicopter with the task of stopping an alien invasion while the world watches your exploits on TV. Is Rocking Pilot a good game though? Click below for the answer.

*I was approached by Mad Head Games and asked to do a review of Rocking Pilot. I was provided a free copy of the game but I wasn't paid for my review nor did they ask me to change anything.

I recently reviewed another game by Mad Head Games, Adam Wolfe, which I liked but Rocking Pilot is a very different type of game. I enjoyed shooters when I was a kid but first-person shooters and RPGs lead me away from classical shooters. What I'm trying to say is I suck at them and am trying to make up reasons for why I'm terrible at them.

You are "Pilot"
Anyway, I found it hard to put Rocking Pilot down. It got worse for me when I found I could continue on even if I only completed the first task in each mission. Rocking Pilot contains four worlds with around 8-10 sub-levels each. Enough to keep you occupied but not overburdening enough to make you rage quit.

Your helicopter has three different weapons which include the main cannon weapon that can be powered up to fire other ordinances like lasers and missiles, Overdrive which is basically a shield that can kill enemies, and the blades of your own helicopter. This blade attack is very deadly to ground enemies and I believe was designed by Warner Bros.

Each mission has three objectives and they range from rescuing allies to earning points and everything in between. This keeps the game from getting stale and even works to increase your skill. The first task will be to kill so many bad guys, the next task will be to do the same but without using Overdrive. If you cheat and use Overdrive the number of enemies you need to kill will increase keeping your honest.

You'll earn upgrades as you complete levels making your helicopter stronger with better weapons. Once you earn an upgrade it sticks so you can go back to a level you had trouble with and have a go at it with more firepower.

The look of the game, while not breaking any new ground, is pleasing enough and I had no issue running the game even on my dinosaur computer. The sound effects are good and the music is some over the top kick-ass metal which fits perfectly with the game.

Overall I had fun playing Rocking Pilot despite my lack of ability. The game straddles that line between fun and challenging and for me, it was just right. If you want to try out a great little twin-stick shooter I'd look at this one. I rate Rocking Pilot a 7 out of 10.

To get your copy of Rocking Pilot you can head to Mad Head Games Steam page.

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