Sunday, June 11, 2017

Small Adobe Building Terrain

As work continues on my Old West project I decided that I'd build some adobe style buildings to help break up all the wood buildings on the table. Eventually, I'd like enough terrain to make a full wooden and adobe town which would allow me to mix and match creating many different cities.

Construction was easy, I just took some foam core remnants and hot glued them together. Once the hot glue dried I used some wall spackle on the outside to give it the adobe look.

When that dried I gave it a coat of white paint followed with some brown on the base of the building. That's about it, these types of buildings are easy to construct especially since mistakes only add to the character of the building.

This can be used as a storage building or a very small house, it's all up to the limits of your imagination. The next adobe building that I'll be constructing will be more elaborate and will most likely have a base built into it with multiple rooms so stay tuned.

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